Too Short

Thanks PSS. Durians seem to be an important agenda on the list of Singaporeans. My neighbour Ashley even told me she would drive me straight up to JB as long as I said 'yes'. That arrangement was made even before I came back. I'm aware how serious the durian business was. Yeah I love durians too but unfortunately, I will lay them off for the time being until perhaps my health improves further.

In the end we didn't go to JB for an King of Fruits assault. There was no way I could wake up after sleeping at 0330hrs in the wee morning of Saturday. It was those kind of occasion where you couldn't say no to. My neighbors set up a feast steamboat at our common corridor that spanned 3-4 makeshift tables. They took turns telling me that was specially arranged to celebrate for my return. Then one thing lead to another. We watched Liverpool losing (gotta happen whenever I watch) to Celtic, and played Winning Eleven till 0300hrs when I finally said, cheers and went home which was just a few steps away. That was really bad for my health and Jen was unhappy to hear about that. She told me all the way from Sydney that I was to sleep early for the rest of my nights here in Singapore, which I meekly abided. That was why I had to say 'no' to the two ladies who turned up at my door with wet hair, knocking softly at my door last night. No, I was not joining Aku for Winning Eleven next few doors away. They quickly scooted away on seeing my half asleep look.

My imagination for this trip was totally opposite. I thought I would be slacking around, walking around exploring Singapore. In the end, I knew I had ran out of time by Day 3. I have yet to finish a long list of things I am supposed to complete. I gave too many promises and have yet to fulfil half of them. Perhaps that was why Joni made doubly sure her friends turn up at my lift lobby as early as they can, so that I could complete my courier tasks for her. From here, we know who is wise. The lao jiaos will always know best. My 6 days stay was an impossible time frame to satisfy everything and everyone. I will therefore, be forced to prioritize.

Our private businesses have to be done. I better get them going by today. My dental appointment will happen tomorrow in JB. Anyone who isn't working is free to join me. I promised Siggi to meet up months and months before but haven't. She warned me not to leave without saying goodbye at least. I looked at the nights on the cards and started to get a bit worried. I have to say no to the Great Waterway jog tonight to Aku later else I will never have the chance to talk to Ah Fai, my secondary school class monitor whom I never met for decades. My poly buddy whom failed to take leave to go JB with me as initially planned asked me to reschedule. To when?! Since I am going to say no to the GWJ, I will not be able to do it to the Great Futsal Night tomorrow. I don't want to miss that. I want to play because I have not touch a ball for years. I know I will have a bad game for sure but it feels excited to have the chance to play with locals again.

I have yet to meet up with Y*Y* from Sydney, who happened to be back here for a vacation as well. We have arrange for a meeting, perhaps so she could grill me in person why I kept finding life great in Perth while she wasn't happy in Sydney. I need to visit my baby God-daughter. It is an absolute must. I have to visit my sister and share her joys of moving into her new flat.

Perhaps Aku was right. I better slip him that 2-3 bucks for him to help me buy toto. Should I be the sole winner, I will be calling Jen in Sydney to fly back to Singapore immediately. Then I will call my boss to extend my leave.

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