Perth Wedding Invitation

Hi All,

How’s work and life treating everyone? I hope I am not spamming your already flooded email.

It is nothing much but if you happen to be on holiday or around Perth on the X date of 2013 and have nothing better to do; I just want to invite your family and you to drop by my wedding ceremony.

Till then, work hard & play hard. J

Many thanks,

-XYZ colleague-


XYZ colleague was a young Malaysian chap in his mid 20s who joined us half a year ago, freshly graduated from the University of Western Australia. Energetic and eager to prove, he had since contributed to many improvement in our work process and became part of the small family on this little boat, barely struggling to stay afloat.

What was interesting about this chap was his determination to stick with his intent once he set his mind on it. For example, barely 2 months since he joined us, he revealed to me that he proposed to his girlfriend. I raised my eyebrows, congratulated him immediately and interviewed him. It wasn't within my realm that a young man barely out of his teen hood could do something like that. I didn't even know how to buy a proposal ring even in my 30s. Not that I took my own ignorance as a norm. I fully understood that not everyone drifted in their prime not knowing exactly what they wanted in life. That was why I was curious.

The guy had it all planned. He bought his wedding ring cheaper by ordering it from a family trusted jewelry smith and got it air flown to Perth. Before his proposal, he called his girlfriend's family to inform them about his intentions and received full support. By then, there was really no escape for his unknowing girlfriend. Not that she needn't any, of course. The proposal went on smoothly.

Barely a few months later, I received this curious email which he sent to all colleagues that work with him, including the main boss based in Singapore. Attached to the message above was a .pdf e-invitation card. It was very simple yet elegant and did the trick. Don't ask me how he could afford a wedding in his mid-20s. Singaporeans who gave affordability as an excuse should be asking themselves that. I wasn't sure if he had financial backing from his parents. Whatever it was, he was serious in what he was doing. Sometimes many things in life is as simple as just doing it. There isn't that much to look into.

However, it looks like that isn't a way for me to escape attending his wedding too. I don't like social events really, not a secret at all. I cannot even remember when was the last time I put on a formal shirt. Dreads me just to even think about it.  His message was clear, "It is nothing much but if you happen to be on holiday or around Perth on the XX date and have nothing better to do; I just want to invite your family and you to drop by my wedding ceremony."

Unfortunately he got it all spot on. Having nothing better to do was one of my main reason being in Perth and if I do not get captured by aliens, I will happen to be in Perth during his wedding. So it looks like I have to drop by and have a look ......

How does it work here? Bring Ang Bao? Or gift? Don't want to stick out like a sore thumb. Must wear clown suit right? Bobian.


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