Short One

Hi Singapore. It has been awhile. Within hours I will be basking under the moonlight of your humid night. Ah, how interesting will everything be to see the things I grew up with. So familiar yet so distant. The road signs will look bigger. The cars will seem faster, though moving at a slower speed than Perth highways. You don't return to the excitement and action. They just get to you.

It will only be a few days but the reality of Albany's absence by my side is already biting, when I'm still on Perth soil. I have never left her since her birth. It doesn't feel good. A nod of sympathy towards the several friends here whom I just had a dinner feast fit for a king, for they had all endured being away from their children.

Absence does make hearts grow fonder and make days apart seem longer but this doesn't grant me the additional hours. In reality, I have less than 144 hours to do what I have to. There is unfortunately, very little time to explore Singapore the first time in two years, given the fact I didn't manage to during the previous visit last September. There is little time to go after trivalities like food.  I know we overseas Singaporeans are as hungry as the ghosts of seventh month whenever we return. Maybe not this time.

We shall see how it goes. See you in a few hours.

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  1. Ha ha ASingaporeanSon,

    Welcome back.

    Wonder whether you fancy "durians"?

    It's still in the season and the "king of fruits" can be had for a good value.

    Welcome back to this little red dot for your "less than 144 hours" short visit.

    Cheers :)