No Option

I know I should be loving them as my own family. I want to, believe me, I do. I tried and I believed I tried my best. Then time after another, I was made use of. I want to feel as part of the family, not a pawn in a money-making game that I don't want to be part of. I don't want to be involved. Not even if I am promised a share, however big the portion is. I don't need no more favor. One is enough, I've learnt my lesson. I am not willing to pay anymore in return of any favor so I'll rather have none. You weren't there that night, you didn't know what happened and what was being said to me. I wanted a solution,  else some options to select. All I received was silence. You have no option, that was my only option. I wasn't prepared, wasn't preempted and never consulted for my opinion. All shoved down my throat. If I am left with no option, I will make my own. I hate this. I love my family but I am once again made to look the bad guy. It brought us disharmony that  we didn't deserve. Perhaps it was my own undoing. But no, sorry, I wouldn't be part of it. No more. Ask the other nice perfect Caucasian dad to do it. He is the same, if not better.