Migrants of the Carribean?

CK said, "Hey, your readers might be interested in these options. Ah, thank you CK. It was interesting indeed. I probably ended up more interested in these than any of you. 

According to our friend Luca, if you have cash to spare it seems, many legs will open for you. In the case of migrating to a nice place to live and rot till d-day, the same thing applies: many doors will open for you if you have some dough on hand. 

Most of us look at migrating to another country as a big, big, scary, scary move. So perhaps we thought if we want to take a leap, we should aim for the stone that the guy in front landed on just some moments ago. In truth, you will end up in a tidy body-smack no matter which stone you chose to leap down to, irrespective to what happened to the guy in front. The key is always about picking yourself up and carry on walking after the fall, even if you break your legs in that leap. I am speaking from my experience as an average Singapore with no special talent, academic excellence or impressive career track records to show. You may have better luck with your own discovery wyldhunt.

I thought Australia will be a breeze for me. My wife said I would be okay. After all, Australia is a one of the commonwealth countries. We drive on the left and speak English. How bad can it be? When I realised I couldn't understand a single word of the conversation between two radio djs on radio during my first week, I knew I was in trouble. No matter how you research and visualise how work and life would be in a specific country, you will struggle in the new country if you are as dumb as me. Anyway, since moving to anywhere is as bad as anywhere, why restrict ourselves to Canada, Australia, USA and UK where the doors are sometimes too hard for our heads to bang on.

Say, if you have US$400,000 to spare for St. Kitts, they are happy to grant you full citizenship instead of the wishy-washy permanent resident visa. That's not even a donation to the government. All you have to do is the buy a property worth at least US$400,000. The equity still belongs to you. How about one of these? [link] A decent house on a 20-acres land. 20 fucking acres! How much do I have to pay for that in Australia? That is more than enough land for anyone to live off. In my opinion, any man who cannot feed himself having so much land under his name is better off dead.

So what the hell is St. Kitts? Can eat one or not? It's a tiny country in the middle of the Carribean sea. Yeah, maybe there are pirates. I'm not sure. When Albany is older, maybe I'll leave her in the care of my dear wife and venture there alone and I'll tell you what I see. Before that, google is the only good friend.

They have a port. Of course. Pirates need port.
This pic is an evidence there are high grounds to take picture from.
That's where pirates like to gaze into the horizon with their long-sighted scope
through their only eye.
And of course, the playground of pirates
one of the towns where pirates have their nights-off

Beautiful. One day, perhaps? Who's joining me?


  1. I'm going to Central America in Dec. Might pop by St Kitts and have a look see!

  2. Apparently $400K does not get one very far when it comes to St Kitts residential property.

  3. Replies
    1. I agree. The last couple of houses on the list not good enough???

  4. Wah... I wonder taiwan how much now for PR/citizenship eh ~ My SG buddy said its like Japan suburbs 1st time he was here on holiday ~

    1. a.Foreigners who have invested over NT$ 15 millions in a for-profit enterprise in Taiwan, and have provided five or more job opportunities for Taiwan citizens for at least 3 years.

      b.Foreigners who have invested over NT$ 30 millions in an Investment Immigrant Fund appointed by National Immigration Agency in charge of related business for at least 5 years.

  5. [quote]How about one of these? [link] A decent house on a 20-acres land. 20 fucking acres! How much do I have to pay for that in Australia?[/quote]
    AUD$399,000 = AUD$399,000

    That house on 20 acres that you linked to is actually in Australia, just in the state of South Australia :S