I know I will regret delaying getting my own lock pick set. I always thought I have a little genius in me. In my opinion, the brilliant man isn't one who foresee and prepare for all circumstances simply because no one will have absolute true foresight that enables himself to see what kind of fuck ups that can come his way. I composed a message telling the boss that I was still not feeling well enough for work but I didn't send it and went for work. When I reached my work place and took a glance at my key set, I knew I was in trouble.

I did the mother of all fuck ups and locked myself out. Now I need the lock picking set. Where do I find one? There is no time to lose for after a long day busy catching up at work, I will face the harsh reality of facing a locked door when I am looking for my daily coveted hot water bath. Like I mentioned earlier, the test of a man is not his battle readiness but how he solves catch 22s or other fuck ups due the ill makings of the others or his own.

There is no time for wallowing. No time for should haves. I already have a big list of preventive measures to take, that should be left to the evaluating time after the problem is solved. So I don't want to hear anyone or myself talking about it for now.

Now where can I buy a damn lock pick within such a short period?

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