I have only held a 2-month old baby in my arms twice before. The first was my daughter Albany and the second would be baby Sarah. As my relationship with little Sarah's dad goes a long way back in time, she inherited a 'strange uncle' as Godfather.

She stared at me without blinking the whole time I cradled her, not distracted even when her dad tried taking a picture or two of the funny scene. We were really old, since the days we knew each other. I had never imagined the day we would carry each other's child. Just imagine moments later after baby Sarah went to sleep, we were at his computer watching him demonstrate the imbal damage done by his warrior and how a thief cheat his way to glory in Guildwars 2. Some people said men grow old, not up. Perhaps there is an element of truth in that.

Holding baby Sarah was a delightful feeling. I almost forgot that was how it felt. No wonder the uncles and sunrise all wanted to carry Albany. The feeling of carrying a small baby was awesome. I never believe I would ever say this, being a non believer of having kids all my life until I experienced fatherhood. Having interacted with baby Sarah simply affirmed that. I could feel the joy in the Wong family from young to old.

Though Sarah has a mix of facial features of both her parents, her expressions reminded me a lot of my buddy. She will grow up a bubbly girl with a big sense of humor without a doubt, her presence welcomed by anyone wherever she goes. Fortunately Sarah will still be a young baby by my next return. How delicious does that sound? I apologize if I sound like a baby-eater. It will be nice to watch Albany meets Sarah.

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