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Hi, my name is andrew. I'm a Singaporean who is studying in Australia. I'm completing my studies end of this year. I'm planning to go back to Singapore to work for a while as my family is still there. However, I plan to come back to stay in Australia eventually. I'm actually intending to have a PR for long term. But its difficult to let me maintain that 2 years out of 5 years requirement for the time being. Hence I'm thinking of applying for australia citizenship. I understand that Singapore will not allow dual citizenship. Do you have any idea if its possible to renounce my Singapore citizenship then apply to be a Singapore PR instead? Hope you can provide some insight to this. Thank you

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Hi Andrew,

"Do you have any idea if its possible to renounce my Singapore citizenship then apply to be a Singapore PR instead?"

The short answer to your question is yes. I am not sure what insights you might want from me. Technically, it can be done but I'm not so sure on why you want to do it this way. I'll share the first thought that comes to my mind. If you are not ready to move to Australia, or anywhere else in the world, you should stay in Singapore until then. It is not complicated, as simple as that. So do not stress yourself over conquering loopholes for now.

You may find it strange to hear this from me, if you are not new to this blog. Over the year, I wrote about the imperfections of our systems, policies and the morons holding key positions in the Government. Most people, even those who know me personally, will establish me as someone who hates our country Singapore. I never once acknowledge this because I know that isn't true. The reason why I do not criticise Australia is not because I think this is a perfect country. I do not wear rose tinted glasses here just because I left the place that left me in desolation. The reason is simple, I criticise Singapore because I am a Singaporean, it is my country and I want it to be the great country that I grew up in, not the shit it is now. If there is one day I chose to give up my Singapore citizenship, I will not mention a single word about the wrongs of Singapore anymore. For if the day comes, I will not give a damn anymore.

The reason why I am telling you this grandfather story is that I take the idea of citizenship seriously. I know that's really old school. I know these days, most people look at it as just a piece of document. But to me, it means something. Perhaps you can give yourself a few quiet moments to think if it means anything to you. Maybe you will be surprised. 

If it doesn't, you might as well not stop and go all out to collect Permanent Residency. As Australia 'allows' dual-citizenships, you can be an Australian citizen, Indian citizen, Singapore PR, Malaysia PR, Canadian PR all at the same time. Then you will have the best of many worlds, not just two worlds. Minister Lim Swee Say will be proud of you.


  1. You will not get the PR if you apply for it. There is nothing that says that you cannot, but trust the Singapore Government to reject the PR application. In fact, ICA is discouraging applicants from renouncing their citizenship by saying that they will not check for dual citizenship. Had the front desk tell me that when I put in my renunciation paperwork.

  2. ICA is discouraging applicants from renouncing the citizenship for one simple reason so that the CPF will be locked up with the government. Imagine 100,000 people renounce CPF what will happen to the CPF cashflow?

    In fact, Singapore claim to have low child bearing rate. When my child was born in Australia, ICA took 3-6 months to process his citizenship by descent application only. When enquiry why the process is so long? As usual no proper answer. Luckily, we were Oz PR therefore we proceed to apply for OZ passport revert back in 2 week. Otherwise we will not be able to travel back to visit my old folks.

  3. How is one able to apply for Aussie PR after one has renounced Singapore citizenship?

    Even if you got Aussie PR, you can't renounce citizenship as you will not have a passport to hold onto the PR.

    To apply for Aussie citizenship, it becomes eventual only if you have resided in Australia for at least 4 years before you could apply for it.

  4. In theory, you can apply for SPR after you renounce your Singapore Citizenship. What the first Anonymous commenter said is quite possible, though I don't see how this makes sense for Singapore.

    If I were the Gahmen, I would throw the SPR at all ex-citizens who want it. Why?

    Because former Citizens or SPR who successfully re-apply for SPR, will have to REPAY their CPF, PLUS INTEREST. Why would the Gahmen want to pass that up? I assume no money to return CPF, means no need to apply liao.

    The question I would pose to people wanting to renounce Citizenship and reapply for SPR is: Knowing this, would you still want to have PR status?

    I'm not sure what happens to NS/reservist liability. But CPF would be more than enough deterrence for me to even consider re-applying for SPR should I renounce my citizenship.


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