Another Spring

Exactly three weeks ago, I wrote about Winter ended a month earlier this year. If you need further confirmation about this, just ask my Joni and Josephine who were our human shield from the mosquitoes that wasted no time in feasting once the sun prepared to set on Saturday. I received a few sharp stings as well. The mosquitoes in Perth fly slowly. That is because they are larger in size. That is why we can send them to premature death with a casual slap. They don't seem to mind, I guess. Blood sources is harder to come by in Perth than Singapore. So long they managed to feed, they could already boast to their friends in netherworld.

The Duchess of the Brook was in emotional mood these days. I listened to her whines regarding her she struggles in her early Perth days. It is natural to grimace about our respective leaps of faith to the unknown. Every Singaporean I met here has a intriguing story to tell. My story wasn't special and neither was hers. It was just that I put down all these whining in writing but the others chose not to. The Duchess told me that it was almost one year since we first met. Really? I couldn't remember. Time must have zipped past like always.

So Spring is coming soon. How can I forget 17 September 2011 and the tears that trickled down despite all resistance when I made the last call to Mum? For many of us, we have not fully recovered from the shock of transplanting our roots from the previous place to the current. I blame budget airlines. Flying to-and-fro effortlessly with an unprecedented lower cost works as some sort of wean but it doesn't help matters where settling down properly is being concerned. Neither is living apart from the family. I lived just less than a week apart from Jen and Albany and look what happened to me. So how did Mr E survived that excruciating few months apart from his own wife and daughter? And how did Thus, Patrick and the other men did that?

If it is hard for men, just imagine how women, being the greater emotional beings they are, cope with this sort of thing? That is the reason why I give this friend my special attention, helping her to assemble beds, pull out stubborn shrubs and stuff, if anyone noticed and has been curious why. From her, many received joys and laughter from her constant optimism and sick humor. (For eg. she taught her poor son what bad smell was by letting him take a whiff of her fart) but in her little castle by the valley, her loneliness will always linger until the day her Spring finally arrives.

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