Lonely Singaporean in Canberra

Gday mate,

I have a friend from Singapore who has come to Australia on a 442 visa. After becoming settled in Wollongong(NSW), he now needs to relocate to Canberra(ACT) for work and training purposes so that he can continue his telecommunications traineeship. He is dreading going to Canberra as he does not know anyone down there and as such I will be going down with him for the first week(4/8/13 to 9/8/13) to help him get acquianted before I return back to NSW.

Can you please use your gift of writing and your blog to help him? You can refer to him as L.

His priorities are:
1. Getting to know some fellow Singaporeans residing in ACT.
2. Securing a room to rent after 10/8/13.

People can contact him via email at:
^ This is an email address that I have set up for him on his behalf.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you,


Hi L,

Sorry for the late response to your friend, Matthew's email.. First thing, you have a great friend in Matthew, if you haven't realised. You should be in ACT by now for a couple of weeks so I am not sure if this email still makes sense. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone well in Canberra or I would have linked you up so that he or she will take you to eat Hokkien Mee in the more popular joints over there.

I write stuff @ asingaporeanson.blogspot.com. I started almost 2 years ago and by now, the blog is full of my whining as well as notes that you may find useful moving to a place totally strange to you. This reply will be posted on my it. Though I do not have high readership, I am relying on the miracle of chance to lead someone to you. Sometimes strange things happen, trust me, I've seen my fair share of what happened to some others I know.

I would like to share what my friend Denise quipped over a text message two days back. She said, "My friends are yours friends. Pathetic right?" What she meant was her circle of friends here in Perth was limited and most of them (according to her) were introduced to her via our Singaporean gatherings. Well, Denise's simple message made me realised my friends were her friends too. So take the lesson from us and do not restrict yourselves to making friends with anyone and everyone of any nationalities. The world is your oyster. You will be surprised to find great friends that you thought you will never if you open up the options.

I bunked in with a mate when I was locked out from my house for two days. There he told me interesting tales of what he and his wife experienced being part of the Hospitality Club. [link]. Perhaps you may want to give it a look.

Lastly, treat this as an adventure of your life. How many of us can experience being alone in a new city, knowing no one, recognising nothing? Indulge yourself in the discovery process. Isn't life about discovering? No doubt it will be nothing as comfortable as home. Home is called home for a reason. But so is playground. Good luck buddy. Drop me a message to share your experiences one day if you have the time.



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