Winter Lesson

This year, Winter came a month late and ended a month early. So we had July as the sole Winter month. As far as I'm concerned, Winter was over though we have almost a full month of Winter left on the calender. The calender is only a guidebook. So are scriptures, gospels, textbooks or technical manuals, written by human beings of the past as accurate as they could in their days. Guides do not account for changes.

I had been a lazy ass over the past 2 weekends because of the tedious 12-hour shift work routine, which ended last Friday. I bummed a lot, did very little at home and didn't open my email inbox. During the last 2 working weeks, I didn't even bother to draw the shuttles at the factory at 0500 hrs and left that till beyond 0700 hrs. So, I wouldn't have been able to observe the timing of the sun rise. Today, it was as clear as the bright sky greeting me at 0630 hrs in the morning that early Spring was here. I should have known, I spotted a single young bush fly on the wall last Thursday. These guys have awaken from hibernation and have begun to hatch for the onslaught 3-4 months later.

It is a constant reminder to myself to emphasize on observing more, reading less, thinking more, memorizing less. Past records only serve us to our early demise, if we hold on to them tightly clutched to the chest when the fire is licking our butts. Living life out of the book is a tiring process, no doubt. Relying on luck isn't a bad thing because it may very well outlast our lifespan, damning plans meaningless. After all man proposes, God disposes. Relying on faith however, takes holistic learning out of us because the textbook do not account for changes. Faith is excellent for strength but that should be a pushing force from the back, not a pulling one from the front.

Whilst this is of absolute zero importance to me during my Singapore days, it is paramount today. Things have change and are still changing. We will have to observe, and react when the time requires of us to do so. The only thing to do at the moment is to hibernate like the deadly Summer flies. And fly when we must.

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