The Car II

With only the registration left to do, we are owners of a car at long last.

We will be registering the car under Jen's name. After all, a 'lady owner' would always be one of the selling points should we want to sell it in future, no? Doubt we would sell it though, not if I could get a good price but I probably wouldn't, due to the hail damage of the car.

The final price was AUD$2,900. Negotiated it down further because of the rego (their version of road tax) expiring in 2 months. I have to say I am happy with the deal. I felt happy for the seller too. He must be one of the rare sellers who managed to post and sell his car all within 9 hours. Both of us could have made some kind of Guinness World Records unknowingly.

A last check with all the car websites saw no other better deal in the entire Western Australia market. In short, we got the best deal available.

I drove the car back from Pendal Lane, Northbridge to Redcliffe with a slight smile. Elsewhere, someone was beaming. I suspected she would grin in her sleep. The nightmare was over for her. She had probably spent one sleepless night flustered over the realistic possibility of us owning the Daihatsu Cuore. She didn't feel comfortable at all with it being a 2-door car and had been insisting for a 4-door purchase right from the start. "For the convenience of handling the baby," she said.

Somewhere in my mind, I remembered Grace told me a week back. "You are designated to buy a Toyota."

"Nah," I remember myself thinking. I never liked Toyotas and secretly told myself not to get one just to junk the prophecy. After all, they were really priced out of the market where my budget was concerned. That was a fact.

With a twist of fate, I got myself a decent car in good condition for a price you might struggle to get a good massage chair in Singapore. What more can I say?


  1. Chanced upon your blog. To keep you updated with things back at home, COE now costs in excess of SGD70,000. This peace of paper is worth as much as 20 times of your ride!

  2. @Tucky, I thought it went down, so it went up again? Like stock market siol.
    Check your fb if u can i left a msg. Take care in ICT.

    70k is way too high. Don't talk about the cars here. That could buy 4 of my kangoo just 2 years ago!!

  3. @tucky : paiseh bro. I got it wrong. I tot u were my buddy. He has a unique nick like u. lol. So u wun be getting any msg from me in fb.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment