Titles just aren't good enough

Extracted from Strait Times, 5 Oct 2011 by Li XueYing

Mr Lee and Mr Goh were conferred the titles of honorary Past Secretary-General, 'in recognition of their outstanding service and seminal contributions to the PAP and Singapore', said the PAP.

If I have the honor to meet either one of the great men, I'll like to ask them which title they prefer me to address them by. Ex-Prime Minister? Ex-Senior Minister? Ex-Minister Mentor, Emeritus Senior Minister? Or the newest one, Past Secretary-General?

I think these titles do them great injustice. What the heck are they thinking? Conferring miserly titles? After the new National Stadium Sports Hub is completed, our next big projects should be building a statue, an obelisk and a temple for each of them. It has to be something better than Marina Bay Sands - that's too low class for our great leaders.

I hope we can see the statues from space too. Getting tired of how China brags about their Great Wall.

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