The Car III

What I really wanted:

2002 Daihatsu Cuore for AUD$2,700
What I gotten instead:
1995 Toyota Corolla Seca for AUD$2,900

The consolation, it comes with those bars on top on the car

It works out to be 25km/day, reasonably low mileage

The interior. The guy chipped in some seat covers as well

It is always to buy a new car if the budget permits. The last thing you want is a situation where you are stranded at the countryside or somewhere, anywhere in Australia on a dark, chilly night with no help in sight.

When it isn't possible, buying a reliable car may be a good choice too. A 1995 Toyota Corolla is one of these reliable car. That is what I needed now. With proper maintenance and controlling mileage, it may very well last me... long enough until we are settled and can afford something better. Perhaps when both of us are properly employed.

We don't expect Barry White (that's the name I gave my new old car) to last forever or even just 127 years like this old gentleman (below). I'll be grateful if it gives me a year or two. Anything else is a bonus.

The oldest running car in the world.


  1. Dont worry Chin, you car in that condition would probably can move more than 1- 2 years... Trust me...

  2. @Peyning: Hopefully. I'm aiming 3 years if possible. 1k for a year's depreciation. Reasonable.

    Anything beyond that would be over my expectation.

  3. Hi, I've been reading your blog and just chanced upon this entry. I have almost exactly the same car, a red 1994 Toyota Corolla hatchback. Bought in mid-2007 for NZ$3K at a higher mileage of 195K, so I have driven it for almost 5 years now. Good, solid and reliable. If I were to sell it today, I could easily get $2K for it so my depreciation is only $200/year. Old cars like these, if kept in relatively good condition, will not depreciate too much. Anyways, good luck with your move and hope you and family settle in seamlessly. All the best!