A Guiding Light or a Warning Light?

I'm confused with this blog.

It was intended to serve as my database to store my recipes and important information. It still serves that purpose well; whenever I need information, I know I will be able to find it via this blog.

Out of boredom in the initial weeks, I penned down my feelings and our some of the important things to do. It became a soft guide to anyone who may be coming to Perth. That's fine. That was the reason I started to share this blog publicly after some considerations. I thought it will be a good reference for anyone to avoid the mistakes we made along the way. The overloaded luggage, for example.

Apparently a blog, however badly written, does have a life of its own and sometimes evolve by itself. Strangers sent me emails sharing that they contemplated migration after reading my blog. A few guys at the forum I frequent often mentioned similar. In my opinion, most people who read our experiences for the past month would shiver at the thought of migration. The 'inspired' ones would forget about the whole thing after a few days.

It was a rough ride. We could be facing a situation where we used up all our money, with a baby born in the hospital with no home to return to in less than 3 months from now if we didn't play our cards right. In fact, if we didn't receive help from friends who were merely strangers 2 weeks ago, we could not dismiss the possibility of these scenarios.

With the current situation, it was far from happy ending. I am working as a casual worker in a workshop. If there is no work, the company do not even need to dismiss me for we have no contract for employment. Nothing's for sure.

My work alone should scare off 95% of the Singaporeans already. Just today alone, I had at least 10 steel splinters jabbed into me during work. These splinters were nothing like wood splinters. They were so tiny and small, finer than human hair and you can not really carry on with work once one gets into you. I managed to remove all but one before work ends. The last one was finally removed when I got home, after a much needed bath.

Bet you can't see it
Still envy me? Still inspired? Tell me if you want me to change the blog title to "Why You Should Stay in Singapore and Not Migrate" You should share this blog to everyone you know. 

Fortunately, I enjoy my work. I'm serious. More serious than De Souza for sure. I get paid for what I worked. I don't feel cheated for being told my official hours but being expected to work many hours beyond without being paid. I am a team player. I am willing to be a hard worker and go beyond my duties when the projects overwhelm. No problem at all - but I want to get rewarded for it, not lip services, not empty promises. 

The moment I feel exploited, I started not to give my best at work. I could not control that. I am human not saint. I hated it when I started guilty for not giving my best at work and felt worse that it was not my fault in the first place. 

Despite my splinters, aching neck and disability to strengthen my back at times, I did not stop work. I love the feeling of being able to put in my best no matter what role I play in a company without the feeling of being taken advantage of. An honest day's work for an honest day's wage.

"Attitude problem", "Poor team player". Employers in Singapore use these as silent mind threats against workers. 

Fuck you. Fuck exploitation.


  1. My dear friend in Perth, although it has been a long time since we last met up...I think I know you as we have shared thoughts and feelings before...The moment I knew you got married..I feel happy for you..and now that you are going to become a father soon...I feel great for you and Jen...Take care of Jen and yourself ya..:)


  2. Neither are wrong, It is both Guiding and warning guide. It serve many others to think seriously before migration.

    There are many failed singaporeans who tried to migrate in 90's and had to return to SG near penniless. There are those like me perservered. But then i was just really lucky.

    One should consider all possibility before migration. For those who are prepared and needs to be mpre prepared, this is a good guide. For those who have second thoughts after reading ur blog should ask themselves if they are pampered by singapore enviornment?

    I never felt pampered in singapore, i felt pinned, struggling, i know that if i dun get out NOW, i will soon loose my feathers, my wings are injured from baning against the gate. i will lose my fighting spirit as a person. I will be very depressed. To me, i hv nth to lose, I can afford to restart all over again in SG if i had to. Then why not restart all over again in Australia where i can be happier and peaceful.

    Like i mentioned, i will help u as much as i can. =) ok not u...the baby.

    D evil mm

  3. One of my happiest time was when I was in Melbourne studying. Even worked in an abattoir. Was the only Singaporean there. Hard yes, bone tired yea but I'm happy. Enjoy the experience, take time to look at the flowers & hv a truly wonderful time in Perth.


  4. Reading you blog has become my current daily routine. I told Jen one day before I sleep I would like to check out your blog. Jen was teasing me that "Is it my bedtime story". "Yes, it is."

    Sincerely speaking, it is really enjoyable reading it and secretly tell you that some time I learn from your writing skill as I feel that your English teacher was doing a really good job.

    While reading current new blog, I think your title just awosome. It just show the whole purpose for your blog and it has become more and more information. Sharing your thoughs and it also inspired me to move over earlier. I always thinks that think from the positive side the life will be much smoother instead of always complaining. Cheers and have another nice day.

  5. @ XL. Hope you have been well and coping fine. Yes, we have not been in contact for a while. I hope everyone is fine. It'll be a while before we'll meet again though. I wonder how is everyone.

  6. @ Devil: So honored you drop by here.

    Someone once told me, "In 7.6 million square kilometres, there are only 21 million people. Don't tell me there is no place for you?"

    Australia may be undergoing a mining boom and the bubble may burst. But think about it, they were okay way before the mining boom as well. Times may be hard when bubbles burst but it is the fundamentals of a country that counts.

    Even when the bubble eventually burst, I believe as long as anyone is willing to work, there will be money to be made. Perhaps you won't get rich that way, but no one is going back to Singapore penniless - with the right attitude.

  7. @ JC - I wonder how you get a job as a abattoir without prior experience! It doesn't sound like an easy job either. Good that you had fun. Something tells me however, I am not going to look back someday and miss Perth...

  8. @ Peyning, I think of my English teacher every now and then. She was the only teacher who bothered to teach me anything about English. She was my Primary School teacher, Miss Ong.

    I wonder how she is.

    I bet u r shivering at the though of Perth after reading how I 'struggled' hahaha

    Don't waste your PR though. The rules have changed once again, tougher than the last set, once again

  9. @ Chin : I always dont think it is tough as people need to go through any kind of experience to make them strong enough for the remaining life. Life is short and yet it is intresting.

    Perth, this place, when I think it back, it is difenitely not my first choice of leaving in or studying in and yet I went there, complete my degree, eventually planning to settle down there. It is still a place that not much people aware off and yet this is the fantastic part means not much people is fighting for jobs there? "Laughting inside...." 1.5 million v.s. 5.5 million , when I compared this figure it was like a shocking difference with 4 million more headcounts. The place I currently located at and I think I should make up my decision. Too much to worry and yet too little time.

  10. @Peyning, it's all up to you. There is no right or wrong choices. Just choose where your heart tells you