How not to look Serious in Parliament

President Tony Tan once said

"I think this is a very serious charge and that (somebody) must be able to back it up!"

When the President of Singapore spouts classy, dignified statements like this on National TV, you know that Singapore is a very serious place to live in, if you haven't already know.

So remember, if you want to say something, you gotta back it up~! More so in the Parliament. The Parliament must be the most serious place of all in serious Singapore.

Imaginary source
Based on what Mr Christopher De Souza, MP for Holland Bukit Timah GRC said in Parliament, he didn't sound quite serious.

In fact, I'm wonder if I am still in my dreams due to over-exhaustion caused by work.

Perhaps I am.

In an imaginary news report, I read that 80% of Singaporeans own of own homes. You can't be serious. Who said that?

Oh, did I misinterpret the quote of one of our Great Leaders?

Was it 80% of Singaporeans live in public housing instead? Yes, we knew that long ago. Thus 80% of Singaporeans own their own homes? That's new!

Mr Christopher De Souza can't be serious, even in my dreamland.


  1. wahahahaha.....if we own does tat mean we do not need to pay??????

  2. @ Ah pooh, you think the house is yours even after you paid up?

  3. haha it will never be mine...i cant affort it.