Barry White's First Servicing

I heard stories about getting your car serviced in Australia. You have to book a week in advance and turn up on time. The mechanics damn chao kuan one. There wasn't anyone doing extended hours either. Moreover you have to pay a hefty bill (I didn't bother to find out) at the end of the trouble.

So I decided to DO IT MYSELF.

It's pretty good here in this aspect. The auto parts companies' staff are very professional. They would ask you the following questions over the country.

1) What is the make, model and year of my car?
2) What is the mileage of my car?

Then she meddled a little a her computer, turned to collect the items and returned in 30 seconds. At the end of it, I get a bottle of Engine Oil, Engine Oil Filter and a bottle of complementary Engine flush worth AUD$12.00 for a total of $45.00.

Over the counter, I also asked the staff about engine oil selection and learnt that engines with a higher mileage (>200k) should go for oil with a higher viscosity. So Barry White is still liable for normal engine oil for now at 154k.

I borrowed a drain pan, funnel, cloth and socket set and a oil filter wrench from Eugene. And my lesson started. In no more than 15 minutes, it was done! I was really pleased with the whole thing, not just because I got away with a servicing for $45.00 but because I had learnt something useful and I would be able to do everything myself the next time round. Even my friends' cars if they trusted me.

I noticed some car servicing components are rather cheap here. For example, a huge bottle of 5L coolant cost not more than $10 here. I remembered paying more than $5 for a small 750ml bottle in Singapore. Australia is really a car haven for car lovers, probably not as good as the UK though.


  1. Yeah.... I would like to learn it myself next time. It is really good that I have a bunch of guys friend and uncles that know car there so that I can learn and save for the hefty bill in future....

  2. @Peyning, I hope Im not one of the 'uncles' yet. haha. ya dun worry u can get our help. don't think you really want to crawl under the car and do the stuff yrself

  3. hahaha .. obviously yes .... :P... some work can just leave it to the guys... I hope i dont need to do it myself hahah although i dont mind

  4. Kudos! Best way to save $$ & learn something about your car. Try this website to change your spark plugs & brake pads...

    Can save you a few hundred dollars... Cheers!

  5. @HappyGal: I heard you are resigning this month and moving to Perth. Good luck :P

    @Paul_Paul : This is good stuff! Thank you very much brother.

  6. Bro, I want to ask you a favor in advance, though we have never met before. When I go over to Perth later part this year, I hope you can teach me to do a car servicing. I'll be forever grateful!