Every Little Thing

We did a little shopping at Subiaco last weekend and saw some deals at Woolworths. I bought something from them though they didn't give me the job. No hard feelings, heh. The deals were meant to make more Australians fatter. Chips and sweetened carbonated drinks at prices that raised eyebrows. My eyebrows.

Then we visited Joanna to collect things we've forgotten. She was happy to see us and showed us some of her photography on her big 40' TV. I specifically told her to choose the pictures she took in Albany.

Joanna is not a professional but to the untrained eye, her pictures look calender standard to me. She didn't disappoint. I saw many pictures which reminded me where I used to stand and tried taking pictures to give the place a little bit of justice. Of course I failed miserably. Joanna is somewhere there already. Her pictures looked amazing. If I could persuade her to send me a couple I would love to post those up.

I feel a bit of urge to learn photography. I hate myself for putting up pathetically taken pictures which doesn't reflect the true beauty of what I seen. Such as this one:

The sky view at my workshop
The first time I was asked to work outdoors, for a couple of hours. I stopped to look at the sky. It was impossible to capture the awesomeness with my camera phone.

I love the clear view of skies in Australia with no tall buildings in sight. It makes me feel bigger and taller and my life less insignificant.

Regrettably, there is no way I can post the views of the skies at night, swarmed with shining stars, when I knocked off from work. I tried taking pictures of the huge low lying orange moon last night and it looked ridiculous.
Kueh Lapis in the sky
I played with her for a while, really miss my dog
Sinful bad drinks for cheap. I got some
Each big pack of chips cost less than $2, if you buy 3


  1. I haven seen such deals in SA yet...maybe in salisbury area they hv...but i wouldnt know it is so far up in the north...

    best deal i hv is 2 for 4$


  2. @ sei, the deals are rotational. sometimes they have ice cream for $3 for 2L or something, we'll get those. Same goes for meat etc.

    Im sure you'll get something similar in SA

  3. Maybe 30 mins drive from city i might....thats considered very far away in SA - country area.

    For ice-cream i have yet to see $3 for 2. perth has more population compared to SA. That may explains the demand/supply vs the price. We dun have Aldi here. I have seen crazy deals by Aldi in Melb.


  4. @ Sei: Fortunately we didn't move to SA leh. everything is so far away meh

  5. these deals are common in syd, just bought 3 packs of chips for $5 today

  6. @Anonymous : I'm not surprised. They may be common but they are DEALS. haha

  7. cheap chips!


  8. @Julia : rem to look for them when u visit Australia. Not for the price but for the interesting variety of flavours hehe