Rockingham Outing

I used to catch grasshoppers, spiders, dragonflies and ladybirds to play when I was a small boy. Someone wise once told me, when you look for a house to live look out for dragonflies' presence. According to the wise sage, dragonflies only roam in areas with conditions that are best for living.

I don't know about ladybirds but these little beauties as well as their dragonflies buddies could hardly be found in Singapore anymore. The last batch probably migrated to Malaysia from Punggol. Anyway, bullshit cut short, when we reached Rockingham last Saturday afternoon, we were greeted by a ladybird on Barry White's windscreen.

How nice.

I wasn't too wrong. Rockingham is a suburb for LIVING and folks here really know how to live life. I mean, really. 

First and foremost, this is how the Rockingham dwellers see every weekend. Clear, wide, unblocked limitless view of the decent looking ocean. Good for the eyesight, pleasing for the soul.

Ok now on how people live here. When you see this kind of things along the roads of Rockingham, you get the idea...

We went to the more remote parts of the coastlines, children were having fun running up and down steep slopes of sand. I can't see what's so fun doing that but I recalled myself sliding down the hill of Holland Village sitting on cardboard stolen from Cold Storage at the nearby Holland Shopping Centre. I could slowly imagine the awesomeness in what they are doing.


Ok, apparently it isn't that hard to take your boat to the sea. You could probably do it anything above 1.6cc. This family just got their little boat dragged down the seaside with their car.

And then you get to park your car anywhere you want without NParks officers coming after you. Wish I could do that with my buddies one day. It'll be freaking satisfying.

In the end, I parked my car in a lonely spot by a strange looking rock without my awesome buddies.

When you see sand, sea, water-jet, car, half naked folks and dog in the same picture, you know Rockingham people really live it up every weekend.

A street in Rockingham, facing the ocean at the horizon

A little girl, doesn't look quite pleased being taken a shot.

Time to retrieve that boat and go home.

If the ocean is not enough to make people here happy, look at what some of these people are living in. This place is very near the ocean, only separated by a small road and a vast green strip of grassland. Be sure to click on this picture and have a closer look.

Apparently, the environment is good enough for birds and ducks to rest and folic around. This would be almost as good as 'Venice of Punggol' in Singapore I reckon. Australia gotta catch up!

People take their kids to harmonise with nature regularly. I wondered if any kids in Singapore these days seen a live duck?


I don't know too. So I went to have a kpo look at real estate website. Obviously I'm not looking for houses such as the above. Instead I looked for a decent house in the suburb. Found something like that:

4 bedroom for 300k with freehold land. Ok leh..


  1. Chin,

    300K with freehold land obviously very OK if you put the Singapore standard to compare.... Hahahaha .... I hope you can get one in near future... Me too wanna get one which along the sea.... hahaha

  2. wow nice view leh.....clear blue sea???

    ah pooh

  3. @Peyning: When you shop for oranges, you do not care about the name of the shop. Just where you could get the cheaper, better orange at the faster time.

    That's what I learnt from my minister, Mr Deaf-Frog.

  4. @ah pooh, not as blue as Albany but it's not too bad. I can drive u down there if you come. But for Albany, I'd suggest u 2 take a romantic drive down yrselves. it's great for discovery. if u wan me to be light bulb, i may consider la lol