Canning Vale Market I

First, I know this would not be my first visit to this wholesale market in Canning Vale. It wouldn't be my last post about the place either.

Second, we came here on the wrong day. The wholesale markets are not available to the public. Instead, ever Sunday there will be a separate flea market style in a very big fashion formed by a big group of individual selling their stuff.

Third, even if we came here on a Saturday where we could access the wholesale markets, we would not be able to cover everything in a day. It's a huge place with many different genres. Since we were there anyway, we decided to walk around the flea market. It was rather cool, folks simply drove their vehicles and park in the main area and set up stall right there. Thus I named the post part I of the Canning Vale Market series. The place reminds me a bit of Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market but it is bigger, brighter and cleaner here. I took some pictures to share:

Vehicles, peddlers, stalls, wares, customers and onlookers!

We bought one tray of these. That makes 1 Avocado 20c each

I wondered how much cheaper the wholesalers sell these instead...

There is this container parked there as well. "Steady lah, pai kia," I thought. The owners looked like pai kias as well. It was a freezing cold container and they sell very cheap meat in there. I bought a week's supply of beef and chicken.

These were by far the cheapest meat I found since I came.

It was so cold inside the container it could freeze your balls in 15 mins

Since the cashier was cute, I took a pic as well

There is a charity organisation here today as well. They brought along small animals such as ducklings and parrots for kids to play with. They would not charge anything for their efforts but they would take donation from anyone interested to spare any change.

A terrified girl with a duckling

A boy with a terrified duckling


  1. interesting life.....something different leh...heee


  2. @ah pooh, yeah it's a bit different here.

  3. Wah..... I wanna have the avocado.... It is just so so cheap....

  4. i saw the avocado too, I want some too!!

  5. @ ellis, when you come to perth i show u where to buy lol

  6. WOW..!! $5 per box..??!!! o.O" That's sooooooooooooooooo cheap..

  7. @ memories: it's quite cheap but i can't buy much of it because i dun have a whole fridge by myself..

  8. it's like flemington market in sydney

  9. hahaha... should buy together with your friends then.. lolx~ then you can split it up..

  10. wow!!! the avocados so cheap!!!
    tat's an interesting place there...


  11. @Anonymous: I hope I have the chance to visit Flemington Market someday.

    @memories: I don't have friends... :(

    @Julia: haha, there are expensive fruits that you usually find cheap in Singapore. I only focus on what's affordable and nutritious here. No point being stubborn and buy durians here haha.