Eye of the North

I think I will be okay. It doesn't feel that sore anymore after a sleep. I didn't manage to take a picture of the eye before the minor surgery for obvious reasons - I was in pain.

For illustration purpose, I've spent a few seconds editing the 'after' picture to what it should look 'before'. Here is it:

There should be a small black circle, very small, perhaps 1/10 of a mm in diameter in the middle of the white spot. It's just a speck but it caused hell a lot of irritation and pain. You can be small but you can bring a giant down if you hit the right spots with the right leverage. It's no fun being Goliath when you meet David. The white spot around the shard would be browner (Fe2O3) than as depicted in the picture. 

The GP numbed my eye by dropping just 2-3 drops of..something. In a minute's time, he could probably gorge my entire eye out and I wouldn't feel a thing. That was a good thing if that wasn't his intention but to help me remove that little shard. He used a long cotton bud and rubbed on the surface of my eye. My eye didn't flinch. He didn't succeed in removing the shard and explained when metal is hot and touches any surface, it will 'stick' (something like welding). 

To remove that thing, they would need an equipment with a drilling function. He explained the actual equipment would be the same as what they dentists use. Okay.. huh what?! There did not have it there so I was to be referred to the hospital. I expressed my concerns of getting my eye drilled. The doctor took his time to draw on a piece of paper and explained that the drilled would be done sideways, more like 'grinding' than 'drilling' if you knew what he meant. I did so I accepted the referral, I didn't have a choice anyway.

We reached Armadale Hospital without a glinch. I didn't know how Jen did it but she brought us there. That was the reason why I followed her to Perth. She's actually more zai than me. I was brought into a dental looking room with an eye equipment after a short wait at the hospital.

The agreement was like this: I was to place my chin on a belt in front of the eye machine, maintain non-movement while lady nurse did the work. Easy.

So after numbing my eye like the previous doctor did, I placed my head there and didn't make a movement. She examined my eye thoroughly and then took out a pencil-looking thing. When she switched it on and pointed it towards my eye I freaked out and moved.

She was slightly annoyed and told me she wouldn't be able to do it unless I kept still so that she could see my enlarged eye clearly through the machine. 

1) She wasn't scrapping like the doctor described. She was going to DRILL.

2) The freaking small thing could make hell lot of noise, like a dentist equipment would. Ziiiiiiiiii. 

Try keeping still witnessing a noisy drill coming towards your eye!

I did because I had to, if not it would never end. She managed to remove the black spot as well as clean the brown spots (FeCO3) around it. I thanked her for the quick job and left the hospital.

I slept immediately when I got back because my eye was too sore for me to do anything awake. On top of that, I didn't sleep much the night before. My eye felt very sore whenever sunlight shone on it, even when I had an eye patch (pirates of the Caribbean) on. It continued to feel sore after I woke, through dinner until I slept again. Felt much better this morning.

The nurse said the eye would heal quickly, so I should be expecting to be okay real soon. The white circle in the pupil should heal and go off in no time as well. Hopefully.


  1. what happen to yr eye??/
    ah pooh

  2. @ ah pooh!! u're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. glad you got the shard out and are on your way to recovery. :)

  4. That's good to hear that your eye is recovering. I'm start counting down for the less than 2 months your little princess coming out. Hope that I can catch the full moon of her....

  5. Good God! Glad you are ok now. Have a speedy recovery!

  6. @Ewan : Thank you, I felt much better now.

    @Peyning: Most likely u can't catch, since u are resigning in Feb.

    @ellis: Thank you Ellis :)

  7. @ HW: Thank you. You haven't told me how you get a farm

  8. yes...i am back...heeheee....

  9. Farm? Not a farm lah, just a semi-rural property. Hmm.. I've thought I've told you before in email?

  10. good to know u're ok now...
    speedy recovery~!


  11. @HW: yeah, you told me about the semi-rural property. sorry for the wrong term used. but i didn't tell me how you go about doing it and what are the costs? I am interested ma. Prob too private to ask, paiseh :)

    @ Julia : hi married woman liao :)