Migration Inception

"We got to go one level deeper."
"Simi sai, yandao?" ("What shit is this, shitface?")
"We got to do a migration within a migration."
As if one migration isn't unsettling enough, we got move again. That's twice in 2 months. Except for the plane ride, the move pretty much left me in same shock and awe just like the first time.

I woke at 5am, went to work, worked like a dog and returned home 12pm. This time round, Jen did a good job with lunch planning. I could almost eat immediately upon my arrival, my last lunch as a tenant at Joanna's. I took a short nap after lunch, I couldn't help it. I was dead tired even the rustling of plastic bags couldn't wake me as Jen did the final packing of items. Wrong, I was actually awaken a couple of times being a light sleeper. Yet I was way too tired to move and tried to get back into slumber each time.

Then I woke after an hour of intermittent deep sleep and we were on our road to Scott's place near Melville. Who's Scott? He is an Australian chap, the boyfriend of Grace. Who's Grace? Grace is girl who transported us around while we searched for our used car. Yet again, we owed it to Grace who offered to get Scott to lend us his van. 

It was a 20+ year old Toyoya Hiace. "Probably as old as me," Joanna commented. Yes it was. Yet it was as reliable as Joanna as well. Not only Joanna helped in loading all our stuffs up the van, she offered to drive down to Huntingdale, our new place, to help unload the stuff as well. What an amazing  girl! I really felt so grateful. We made a pact to allow us to give her a lunch treat as a minimum way to offer our appreciation.

Then we made our way back to Scott's place to return the van to the rightful owner. We played with his black dog, DJ, a dog with boundless energy and could play fetch all night long. In fact we didn't know what to do if that branch didn't shatter into pieces after what it seemed like one hundred fetches. Before leaving, Scott gave me some information how to get work in the mines if I was interested. Good first hand information from someone who had been there, done that. Worth an exploration.

I am now sitting on the bed of our new rented room. It had been a long day. I am amazed the way we kept pushing our adaptive limits since we decided to step out of Singapore. Gone were the days where we had regular analysis paralysis. It's just decide-and-do these days. 

It had been crazy, crazy days since Day 1, Perth 2011.


  1. Hopefully I won't experience something crazy when it's my time to go Australia.. LOLx~ And hopefully everything would go smoothly.

  2. At least you are living your life as we are working to live, not living to work!

  3. why move house?


  4. @ memories: U'll be fine. if you have friends here, they will help you out. you coming to Australia? hmm..

  5. @ ellis: I'm still working to live, it's still early days so we won't know what will happen in future. now my only focus is get everything right and my daughter is delivered safely and making my wife's labour and confinement as comfortable as i can. other plans, we'll see from there.

  6. You'd gonna come out of this, stronger than most SG migrants! 加油!

  7. @ ellis: thank you ellis :)

    @ HW: u flatter me. i am just an average (prob below average) SG-kia.
    btw if u dun mind, tell me how to buy your farm land and build your home?hopefully i can replicate it in future..

  8. oh u moved? how come? cos of tat 'bitch' u were blogging abt? hmm wat happen wor?

    anyway how was the red yeast wine (did i get the name rite? LOL) coming along?


  9. @Julia: Yup. I'll tell you more privately if you are interested.

    The wine is coming along very well. I could smell wine already at the tip of the container. It is still at my ex landlady's house. She will tell us when it is ready. About 1 month more to go.