A Letter to Myself (2016)


How are you doing? If you are not dead, I believe you should be flourishing today.

5 years ago, I chose to take up manual work to support the family. I hope you don't mind. It has been 3 weeks but every muscle around the hands still feel sore, every joint gives slight pain. Hopefully your hands are strong and robust now instead of plagued with chronic injuries. I'm sure you'll be fine. You always turn out stronger. I hope.

I am sure you will be fine with Jenny taking care of you and your daughter. I hope you have one or two more children by now. I'll be happy for you if you do. Take care of them, do the stuff better than your dad.

5 years ago was the biggest turning point of your life. I took a huge risk and left for Perth with Jen. Our anecdotes has been recorded on this blog. The purpose of this blog is not only to record my memories but to serve as a simple aid for future adventurers who need a reference from people who decide to walk the path less travelled. I hope it would have fulfilled its purpose and gave my fellow countrymen the courage and conviction to fulfill their goals.

I wonder how you are feeling about the decision I made this year. Did you regret it or felt happy that I took the leap of faith? I wish for the latter. I hope you are better off physically, mentally and financially.

For it is time for another big decision.

5 years ago, you got your Australian visa but you did not leave immediately. You wanted to stay. Singapore is your home and you love Singapore, your family and friends. You knew you would stay if the election results went the way you hoped for.


Your countrymen did not share your vision of Singapore's future. They trusted your government and gave them a strong mandate. They approved the government's actions and felt that they were steering the country towards the correct direction. They believed that our next generation will be better off, they will have more opportunities and will live better than their parents. They were convinced that under the incumbent, there will be hope for the children, that they will be able to afford shelter, start their own family, be happy, prosperous and have progress in their career and life. They are happy with the way our elderly are being taken care of, having comforting golden years. They have confidence for the future. They believe there will be more good years ahead.

You don't. With that, you left.

This year, you will return to Singapore to attend the General Election rallies with your buddy, as you always do without fail. You will enjoy it, no doubt. Fun aside, you will be wise enough to be numb, unaffected by the emotions of the rallies. For you know, there would not be any breakthrough. Just like how you gave your undying support to Liverpool FC, with hopes in your heart but always ended heartbroken. This year the GE will be no different. Your countrymen will let you down again.

I had made the previous defining decision that change your life. It is time now for you to make the next big decision. I am the past. You make the future.

Good luck, mate.




  1. i will be ur witness in 5 yrs time.

    i still want to say:
    What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger!


  2. @10513: "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

    Well said.

  3. wow.. interesting... y a post like this?


  4. hey i've been reading your blog and i enjoyed it. same as you, i dont have faith in my future if i continue staying in Sg. the stress, living space, quality of life, wage, living cost and no. of ppl here is not proportionate. if not for my family and friends, i would have already set my heart to migrate to other country.

    quite admire you for your courage to make your own changes in your life. i'm still a student now. in a year time, i'll be graduating and i'm open to options of working overseas. your blog serve as an inspirations to me to remind myself that i am the one taking charge of my own destiny.

    hope to read about the possible objections or reactions you face when u announce your decision to migrate. e.g. a more detailed objections raise by your families, friends or whoever. (the emotions turmoils and struggles etc)

  5. same from me, "if you dun like something change it,if you cant change it,change the way you think about it.:) WAITING for you,jenny and little notti to be back ! :P

  6. @ brown:

    Hi, thanks for visiting. glad you enjoy reading my random rants.
    I'll write it for you, since you requested.

  7. @aku: brother, can you show me an example how to execute your chim quote? i think over this many times but i still cannot make sense out of it :)

  8. what an inspiration! That's one of the reason I have never worked in singapore but elsewhere. The egoism! Sorry for saying that.. but i am glad u left Singapore, bravo!!

  9. @ellis's luv : what do you work as?

  10. used to be translating now private tutor. Stressful life~

  11. haha...5 yrs later resultstill the same...hopeless...those ppl brainless or wt...kiasi....


  12. @ pooh: hmm, they are not brainless or kiasi. They just believe in the government and think life is still good for them. but those people hit by bad times are growing in numbers. the government's support will decrease over time.