The Trend is Your Friend

Jen must had wondered what got into me that day in Rockingham. I was fascinated by the birds in the air. The wind was really strong that day, that kind which blew wigs away. What interested me was the way the birds navigated through the wind.

Against a strong consistent gust, some birds flapped their wings for all they could and ended up hovering on the same spot. Some birds spread their wings and stopped flapping as an attempt to cut through the very strong wind with minimal effect.

A certain bird caught me by surprise. It totally stopped flying at all and let the wind flung it forcefully backwards in an alarming speed. Then when it acquired maximum back force, it firmed up its wings at an angle and forced itself to swoop, losing a lot of height in the process but reversed its direction through an arc. That simple move allowed it to push forward through the wind.

I went back home, googled what I experienced and learnt that many birds die from exhaustion by flying against strong wind. Many a time, they have to keep flying because winter is coming to where they departed from. If they delay further they will die indefinitely so they will at least die trying. Some birds mastered the art of flying against strong wind but it is not an easy task, even for a bird.

Strong wind is a trend, likewise the wave of the seas. A trained canoeist perhaps, will know how to navigate through opposing tide. An experienced surfer rides the waves whereas the novice goes under. A seasoned technical trader executes his winning trades by going with trend without favour or fear. Going against nature is unwise for the untrained. We would be going nowhere fighting against the forces with a physical shell with limited will and might.

In life however, it is not easy to recognise the unfavourable trends. It could be chasing that seemingly unattainable relationship or that promotion in office. At times when pursuing the goal seemed too much to take, perhaps it is a good time to stop and let the wind push you back and then look for a good time to surge yourself back into glory.

Like the best birds do.


  1. lol...wad a philosophic way u wrote it...

    I only used to related this whole thing by thinking of gaming, where my stamina is low i will hv to step back n regain strength and cheong again after observing how to pass thru teh gates