More Punishments

Warning sign at work. I added the last one to feel at home.

I feel tired. Very tired. My body does not seem to keep up with the physical demands of work. Every day it seems I am getting weaker and slower. By now, every single joint and muscle of my hands hurt. I can't flex my fingers without feeling pain.

Today was probably my most productive night at work. I just kept working and working. I was forced to use my intelligence to boost productivity. It worked. I changed my work processes a few times and figured out which was the most efficient way to do my job. Old habits die hard I guessed. That was just me. Anyway it worked. I ended the 11 hour shift with quite a lot of end product to show for it but I was totally knackered at the end of the night. I'm pretty sure I can't produce the same output tomorrow.

I can see myself improving quite fast since I started work. When I first started, I could not even operate a grinder properly. Now I could grind up a storm just like others, just that I can not (yet?) keep up with the Koreans physically. They work like mindless robots, bloody Koreans. I have a lot to do to reach that level of nirvana.

Work is actually fine. I would be given a task at the beginning of the shift. Then the supervisor would disappear to mind his own work. Everyone would be left to do their own work and we would hardly interact until dinner and break time or at the punch card machine at the end of the day. It is the same everyday. Every one works on time, goes for breaks on time, leave work on time, get paid on time.

The AUD$10.00 pair of jeans I bought for work somehow became loose over the weeks and I needed a belt today so that the jeans will not keep slipping down to an uncomfortable level. Maybe that's why they came cheap? They were tough good jeans with decent cuttings though.

Not much of a good post tonight, I feel unusually tired and my mind doesn't feel sharp. Happy Tuesday to all of you. Good night.


  1. singlish - mai weld la


  2. mai lah mai lah

  3. somehow became loose..?? o.O?? hmm... congratulations... you have successfully slim down..

  4. How I wish I can slim down over the weeks~

  5. @sei: haha, maybe. But im not going to change it. just wrote for fun only.

    @anonymous: hi to edmwer :P

    @memories: haha.. it's only 1 inch or so i guess.

    @ellis: you can, but you are not on the right job :P