Adding Up

Will you get paid a few dollars a day for many hours of writing? Definitely not. It's just not worth it, most people will agree. It isn't sustainable. Most rather spend the hours playing games. Or simply use the hours to do a direct trade for money on a part time job.

I used to think that way but I don't anymore. Each extra dollar made per day makes about $30 a month. That amounts to 1% of your pay if you are making $3,000 a month in Singapore. What happens if you can create your own sources of income 1% at a time? What if you can create ten such income avenues per year and keep doing it for ten years? Oh please, where got time? You may say. I would have doubled my income if I spent all that time focusing on my excelling in my day-job. I don't disagree with that. But you may not have a job in ten years' time too. Anyone of you have the audacity to claim your current boss or the future job market will guarantee you that job?

The thing about creating these 1%s is that you can create bad sources, mediocre ones or fantastic ones. Bad sources are the typical trading time for money such as offering your gardening services. Even online selling (think e-bay) is a time burner. Writing blogs for advertising revenue is another bad example. A lot of people think blogging is easy money. Start a blog, make a few posts, wait for money to roll in while you sleep. The fact is that the product that customers (your visitors) want is your work. So when you stop work, revenue may stop. It's just another job in a different form.

But bear in mind, all self created revenue sources have a possibility of turning into good income sources if demand increases and processes are further automated. I have a friend in Singapore who make kids hampers with a weird name. Check out her website [link] At one point, it seems that her work was going nowhere because she spent a lot of time creating her hand-made, self designed, "Diaper Cakes" (尿片蛋糕)that it seemed like her "per hour rate" is way below the market rate should she choose to take up a part time job instead, such as a dishwasher in some fuck-turd Sushi place in Singapore. Her story had a turn that taught me a small lesson. She had to stop her work on a few occasions but to her surprise, business enquirers didn't stop flowing in. Her thankless hours of producing her goods for a low per hour rate contributed to building a reputation and business name for herself and she might even rely on purely word-of-mouth referrers for a steady side income stream in future. That was how some online shops or even blogs do better after the years of sowing. I know a blogger who still receives a few dollars a day from his blog even though he has stopped blogging completely because there are still a small stream of traffic channeled into his blog everyday. That's an example how a bad source of self-created revenue can turn into a mediocre one. Few dollars only? Please lah, I'll rather fuck the spider on the wall. Keep scorning and see who has the last laugh.

These days I don't look down on a single dollar, not even a single cent. For these miserly pennies will lead me to freedom one day. I will keep building my sources until they maxed out the time for dollar trade. I will not stop there and keep going, eliminating a bad source for a mediocre one and eventually the average for the good ones.

Today I have secured an interesting tiny source of income. I may share it tomorrow, if you are interested.

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