The Folly of Haze Sheltering

So says the geniuses who implemented "Smoking Area" in coffee shops. We know that is almost as effective as designating a "Peeing corner" in your public swimming pool. Teacher used to say, "Learn from the lessons from other people (morons)", so we should. That teacher happened to be our chemistry teacher who taught us the basics of diffusion and osmosis. From there, we know air from two connecting mediums will always work to create a homogeneous state on either side DESPITE the presence of resistance.

Unless my chemistry teacher was wrong, the icy fingers of winter gripped my heart a little tighter each time I hear remarks like, "Stay indoors, close ALL windows." or "I pity the construction workers working outdoors everyday." If the construction workers had the same chemistry teacher as me, they would be pitying you in your enclosed office or the comfort of your home with tightly shut doors and windows. "স্মোকড চিকেন!!!" they would have laughed at Singaporeans.

Unfortunately workers are right. If we do a simple search about "Indoor air quality vs outdoor", we will get results of researches done all over the world. The results have a similar conclusion - The quality of indoor air is easily 5-10 times worse than outdoors on any given condition (yes even with the current haze attack). In some cases, experiments even resulted in indoor air quality 100 times worse than outdoors. In fact, indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health by environmental agencies globally.

So who told you to stay indoors and shut all windows? I pray it wasn't NEA. Too bad, they are too chicken to tell the public NOT to do that instead. My chemistry teacher would. So will my Bangalah workers. If you plant trees in your house by all means stay at home. Better, if you have a good air purifier (no idea if they actually work). Just sharing a piece of thought. Believe it or not, do whatever you want with it. Thank you for reading.

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