End of the Eclipse

Unfortunately for the virtual world, I am back.


It has been fun hasn't it? I enjoyed it and hope you did too. 

Did I do it because I think it makes a difference? Definitely not. Even if every single Singapore internet entity did a blackout, Singaporeans will do fuck-o. I know it too well, I'm a true blue Singaporean who never pretends to be anything else. So don't give me that 'you are in Australia' shit. That doesn't make you more Singaporean than me. The only reason why overseas Singaporeans are despise'd is because we know exactly what you are thinking about. The only time you can make Singaporeans look up is when you shut down all the bank tellers.

I blackout for fun. Life has been monotonous lately. I wanted to show off I still know a little bit of html and photoshop. Who knows, it could land me a freelance job, you will never know in life yeah? Anyway, the real reason was Ah Chun.

I didn't promise her anything. I didn't even reply her. I just did it. I couldn't leave Ah Chun looking like a fool alone. That was how I got caned on one occasion when we were in secondary two, because I didn't want to leave my friends looking stupid. Some of the people I knew seem to love telling the whole world how they cared about their friends or family. I am never the type. Not that I am devoid of humane feelings, fuck I'm also human ok? I am just one of those who find it difficult to express myself properly and resigned to being misunderstood by people who love to be too quick with their judgement. This is one of the very rare occasion I feel like talking about this.

Isn't that a contradiction? I mean - they say - you are a blogger right? What do you mean you cannot express yourself? I am no blogger. I am just someone who type words on a blank white sheet. I write what I think and what I feel like writing. I can't entertain, enlighten or add value to the lives of anyone who reads this. Thus, I am no blogger. I just happened to be using a blogging platform to pen thoughts, that's all. That is the same kind of contradiction, the misconception I might have given to some that I am a sociable person. After all, I 'blog' so I am outgoing, I share my life online, how private can I be? That's what the others think, I don't need to clarify or explain. Being misunderstood is part of my life.

Don't I care about MDA's censure of the internet then? Sure I do. I care for my fellow countrymen and women. Sure, the rules do not affect most of them. Heck, in fact it doesn't even affect me. I can switch to writing children nursery rhymes. You didn't know I have that in me did you? Now you do. So I'm fine and so are my friends. So long as my friends have Candy Crush to play, they do not really care what happens to 'bad people' like TOC or TRE or later, bloggers like Mr Brown.com. We probably have it coming and deserve it. 

Do I really think the protest will be a success? Not a chance in a million years. One reason is enough to explain why. Singaporeans don't give a fuck. I doubt all the speakers on Saturday even bothered to blackout their own sites or blogs like what they organizers planned to do. I won't even bother listening or reading to what people have to say about why they didn't do it. There is nothing to explain guys, really. Unless you actually felt bad about it secretly inside, by all means, shoot. It's the internet, free for all - while stocks last.

Strange to say, I have an uncanny ability to predict what is going to happen to Singapore and Singaporeans. Perhaps I am not the only one. Simply because we are too predictable as one people, one nation. So much so even people who try very hard to look outstanding, are actually still within the range of predictability. The protest on Saturday will be another picnic. The PAP guys will probably watch it as comedy since it coincides with their expensive high-tea time. And there is no need to apologise or explain. So long as the conscience is clear. Each of us play a part. We needn't to fight for something we don't even have in the first place.

The blackout is a very good chance to wake up self righteous, idealistic fools of the internet. It is time for them to realise life goes on, in spite of, not because of them. They wanted this blackout to show Singaporeans how it feels and it did exactly that - not a thing. I know it very well because I stopped updating this blog for many months and no death was reported, no one was hurt. Yeah, but I'm a nobody blog here, I don't get a zillion of big fuck hits a day. If anything, those who are fixated with hits have fail to see the point all the while.. Life goes on, with or without you. Just be true to yourself.

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