Funny Friends

Day 1
Day 5
I have funny friends. That was where I learnt my humor from, otherwise I would be a sullen, grumpy man devoid of smiles and laughter.

I sent out a picture of my right hand to some friends randomly. Most of them asked what happened, as one do not get a Japanese flag on the palm every day. The short answer would be 'blister' because that was what it was. As for how I got it, I am embarrass to share. Let's just say I am a noob gardener. Learning curve ok?

So the reactions:

"U look like you got partially crucified."
- M, Singaporean Mum

"Masturbate too much ah bro?"
- KK

"Failed Ironman."
- Anonymous

"The lines on your palm reflect so much complications in your life filled with obstacles that you need to struggle to overcome. Sigh!"
- Gintai 

It felt really bad during the first few days. As usual, you only realise how important a part of your body is when it doesn't function properly. It's hard to work, cook and basically do anything without being reminded I didn't take care of myself once more. It was a constant reprimand that didn't stop even in my sleep. Good thing scabs finally started to help out a little. With a good plaster over it, I could work normally now. 

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  1. One can get a similar blister if one tries to fasten too many screws into tight spaces with a screw driver. Is yours from over enthusiastic digging with a gardening tool?