Killing Creak

You know what is almost as annoying as having an idiot as your member of parliament? An annoying creak in the car. The only thing that got on my nerves in Stargazer was the relentless creeeeeeaaaak that went on each time your rotate the steering wheel.

I refuse to acknowledge I have any sort of auto-mechanical skills. You wouldn't call me someone who "knows a bit of car" (believe me, I received emails from people who have the impression I'm some used-car God) after you read this. I will not even call myself a self-taught mechanic for I am nowhere near the doorsteps. I hope though, that one day I will. With a second car, everything is possible with a much larger room for experimentation. (I can afford to screw up)

Eliminating a creak isn't a mechanic skill. Anyone can do it. The solution cannot be anything simpler - spray some lubricant on the problem and bingo! Definitely not an auto-mechanic skill. It is more like a treasure hunting or crime solving game. I thought I would get five minutes of fun and walk up the stairs like a boss for dinner. I almost ended up in a devastating defeat and no dinner.

Opened the covers right under the steering wheel
Point one - nothing happened
Point two - nothing happened
Point three - nothing happened
Point four, nothing happened.
Point five, nothing happened

I was on the verge of giving up. What made it worse was that the multiple trips I had to make about 10 metres away to activate the sensor to activate the lights to the parking lot. I couldn't see a thing without those on. I thought I had tried anything and decided to search for the screws to put the covers back up. I left the screws near my legs so I bent down and saw....


And Peace Prevailed
The Day Was Victorious!

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  1. Hi Nix,

    Thanks for sharing more. Appreciate that :)

    Pardon my lack of knowledge in motoring as I have only driven the normal sedan car in Singapore and overseas. It is eye-opening to me that the power steering mechanism of a 4WD SUV is very different from the usual 2WD for a sedan.

    BTW, what's the Km per litre? What grade of gasoline/petrol do you recommend?