True Singapore Complain Letter (End)

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Dear Ms Chin,
Good day.

We've been trying to reach you today regarding your compensation request but to no avail.
Please be informed that you have been given 20 days of free internet service as compensation for the issue you have encountered.
The 20 days free service will applied on the account from 22/06/2013 to 11/07/2013.

Should you have further concerns or inquiries, please feel free to reply to this email or call us at 13 14 23 (option 2 + 2).

Sheryl Rose | ADSL Faults | UserID: 3024
T 13 14 23 | F 02 9850 0813

Email Queue: ADSL Faults
TPG Telecom (ASX: TPM)


Ok, it looked like I had whined too much so much so they had begun to address me as a Ms. This was probably a "take-it-or-leave-it-you-chao-guniang" letter. I'll take it of course. After all, what I asked for was TPG to waive the $60 charge they slapped on me when they held me at their "Pay or no internet access" ransom. 

I agreed to it because I NEED the internet access. I used to bow down and went, "What to do?" but not anymore. I will never accede to their unreasonable demands, not going down without a fight despite the usual, "算了啦" calls to pay up and shut the gap. I had done enough of bending over all my life in Singapore. Perhaps that was why I felt so unhappy all of the time, agreeing to the shit others shoved down my throat and forced me to live with the pent-up injustice. I was an asshole because I made them do the work and refuse to pay. That was the only way I could get my internet access, I realised after dealing with them for more than 2 months. They were assholes because they held me at ransom stating whatever fees they wanted towards me which wasn't agreed in the initial sales consult. What if I paid and I didn't get my service only to realise they need to do whatever other fuck things which I needed to pay for? Both parties being assholes, we're quits.

I didn't ask for 20 days of free internet. I just wanted the $60 waived. Not that I am cheap or can't afford to pay, will pay for whatever I was supposed to, nothing more nothing less. Since they offered, I'll not refuse. In return I'll write something nice about TPG for a change.

People agreed that TPG is value-for-money when it comes to their internet packages. You will not easily find unlimited ADSL2+ for $60,00 a month these days. The drawback is, again most people will agree, poor or non-existent customer service. To be fair, as you can see in the Complain Letter trilogy, their customer service does exist and it wasn't that bad. My only regret was that why did they have to force me to be mean (I don't like it, in case you don't know) to get through a simple business transaction with them?


  1. Lucky me. I am with Optus. Never have any bad experience so far, and still contributing profits to temasek back in kampung

  2. Hmm, Im using Optus too. Paying about 60 a month for 120gb broadband. Never clocked anything close to that so far.