Jobs for Social Workers? Part II

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Thanks for answering my previous question in the email.
I admit that I was brief in providing information. Guess it is the long-held internet habit.
I have been reading some other of your blogs and interacted with some official Australian agencies and the general sentiments I gathered are:
1. People tend to lose patience with you when there are things to refer to.
- I react like this a lot as well, but I tend to refrain from this when dealing with official stuff, difficult customers, etc.
- It seems, however, that aussie agencies do this just to make a point?
- Can you enlighten?
2. People are reserved in making friends.
- I took went to the links you put up in the post about renting a room without being there yet.
- I explained my intent, put up a friend request and heard nothing from these guys.
- I specified that I would like to engage them to learn more about Oz and may not go there just yet.
- Am I too impatient or they can't be bothered about a Singaporean bloke that lacked the balls to move out? :)))
Maybe I am too presumptuous at this point and give everyone more slack, its life after all...



1. You are right, unfortunately so. Come to think of it, I thought every of my ex-teachers were psychopathic until you reminded me it might be a patience issue. There was a period of time I worked as a IT Helpdesk serving LTA. I thought I was very patient with even the most obnoxious callers ever and thus I deserved better than to receive bad customer service elsewhere. I feel for you, brother but that's how life works for some. Unless we get rich or grow some breasts overnight, we can only look ahead and move on.

Personally, I had experienced the SAME treatment when I turned up to one of the Centrelink offices in the flesh to get some of my enquiries addressed. I was told to go back to read their websites. In this case, these 'Aussies agencies' probably felt a little hurt because no one reads their websites that they have painstakingly put up over the years. As an owner of a blog that people only read when they cannot get to sleep, I can fully understand that. I'm sure you can put yourself in our shoes. 

2. I was asked a similar question lately a friend had difficulties getting a job. Alas, there wasn't a way I could assess her issue without, perhaps, looking at her resume or cover letter just to start somewhere. 

However, you may have answered your own question right there. 

I remembered reading a book some years back, it was titled One Minute Millionaire. It was a story about a woman who lost her husband in a car accident and later her children were snatched by her rich parents-in-law whom had never approve of her relationship with their son. The penniless widow was resigned to losing her children forever until she met an important mentor who turned her life around. The story then proceeded to an early peak where the woman managed to incite a challenge from her father-in-law: To gain $1,000,000 in cash in 100 days - or lose her children. The rest of the story was her unrelenting desire to achieve her near-impossible quest.

If there was one key concept of the book I managed to take away, it would be the idea of how the mental desire of a human being could be a powerful force that could magnetize unseen energy from the people around him or her or even as far as other parts of the world to work in sync with his or her goal.

I had a personal experience that might suggest this theory wasn't mere theory.

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Ok, I know this isn't an award winning trilogy. The female protagonist was a complete stranger when she wrote to me. Last week, she dined at my place and chatted with me until midnight, her son sleeping on my couch. If anything at all, M was the true testament to the theory of magnetizing brainwaves, though she would explain it as 'God showing her the way.' She once told me God led her to me - Ha! God wouldn't do anything so cek ark.

So there you go brother. When it's the time, you'll get the dime. Believe it or not.

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