Method 7

From an old post "10 Ways To Secure a Rental Place Before Coming To Perth" [link], I read a comment by some smart ass on Facebook about how bad the idea was to write that post because that would be provided would-be-migrants shortcuts and also subject them to potential scam deals.

Hello. If you don't enjoy a shortcut, walk to your company for work everyday. Driving a car, riding a bike, taking a bus are all short cuts. Don't look for a recipe for you cook either. You are bound to figure out how to make that pizza dough eventually if you ate enough rocks for dinner. If you want to be a hero, don't ask others to join you. Never knew a moron needs company. As for scams, if any of you are innocent enough to be scammed over a rental house hunt, you will be left without your pants later on anyway. There is no escape for naivety. So do you want "Shortcuts" or not?

Sure you do. Even for those who has never cheated in tests, exams, projects or assignments before. Only smarty pants with brains ate by the lamas don't.

I'll show you an example of Method 7 on the original post since I picked up a piece of Chinese papers during lunch today. Take a look

Assuming half of the owners did not bother to advertise in English elsewhere, given the competitive rental market here, your chances of getting one will be greatly boosted with the majority of the rental hunters who don't understand Mandarin out of the picture.

Just to share something interesting:

I'll translate that for your benefit.

Female Masseuse Wanted
Daily rates from $300 up
No age limit
Accommodation provided
Excellent environment, private and secure
Female students and backpackers welcomed 

It isn't far fetch for a 'clean' masseuse to take in $300 a day since the shops charge an average rate of $60-70 an hour here for a proper authentic massage. In Singapore, owners normally absorbed half of their workers' taking. If they operate similarly here, they would be taking in around $30/hr which makes $300 a day should they work 10 hours a day. The big BUT here is, no masseuse will be working non stop for consecutive 10 hours. On average, a masseuse serving 6-7 customers a day, making around $200 daily, is closer to reality. If someone can promise a daily wage from $300 up, OooOooOooh. 

Damn, even an erotic masseuse earns more than me. Probably don't need to pay the taxman too. KNN brothers, work so hard go to the mines for what? Change sex do massage better lah.


  1. I would bet my last sperm that the ad is looking for a masseuse that provide sexual services la.

  2. "I would bet my last sperm" really made me laugh. Thanks CK.