Never Lose Sight of the Dream

How much will you pay for a property situated in the midst of the magnificent Karri forest?

Probably not a cent, if you are Singaporean.

Most of us don't really appreciate living by in nature where we are part of the landscape of the great nature. If I do not have to turn the wheel of life, I would not hesitate to throw 110 grand into this and live here with my family - or getting a divorce - whichever comes first when the wife hears of the horrifying news. We'll merely get by, if we take in a few tourists on holidays now and then but this will never become a business empire, not even in my wildest dreams. The sums just don't add up.

But how I wish that could happen.

I've never wanted the hustle of a city life. I am willing to forgo the conveniences of city living for something simple.

A simple life needn't be harsh. It can be cosy too.

And more, if you can spare time looking out of that window.

To smell life and to hear the echoes of the dew.

 How can it be boring when there are so much to do?

And so much to play

All in the heart of nature

With reminders of civilization,

whenever you choose to remember...

 One day.


  1. Good Sir,

    You are now thinking. Stay calm and think even harder. You should not apply haste.

    Your current answer is too simplistic, there is no depth.

    Ask also the question of what if you fail?


  2. Hey, you are not alone!

    I would gladly be far from the city crowd and live in a serene environment like this.

    Who says simple lifestyle cannot be enjoyable? It boils down to the mindset. It is kind of sad that our national hobby is eating and shopping. How much can one possibly eat and shop?