Job Opportunities for Singapore Finance Graduates

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More bizarre experiences via blogging just yet. I've been approached by a handsome dude via email who is based in Auckland.

I agreed without hesitation, no fees involved whatsoever. So long as I can help my countryman. Moreover, this is well within my means. I urge everyone of you to share this and help spread the word around so someone among us will benefit from this.

Some information offered by Dean about the head hunting company he is working for in his later reply

ICE Professionals is an NZ based company which has quickly gone global, having offices in Sydney, Singapore and the UK. 
- We work with young talent: undergrads, graduates and young professionals to help create and secure career opportunities both locally and internationally for them. 
- We work with all the universities in NZ as well as Monash, Macquaire and (soon to be added to this list) Wollongong in Brisbane 
- We also work with NUS, SMU and NTU in Singapore 
- I urge you to check out our FB page [link], LinkedIn [link] and Website (this is currently under construction so will divert to our old site) [link] to gain more of a feel for what we have been doing and some of the successes we have had. You will also unfortunately see a picture of myself on our FB…..

So do your due diligence ya? I bear no responsibility if you get kidnapped or something. Now serious part, the advertisement:


Are you a Graduate looking to begin a rewarding career overseas?

We have opportunities with top global companies in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

We would love the chance to connect and work with you to enhance your career in a number of sectors including finance and investment banking. It would be an advantage to have residency and/or speak the local languages.
Please email  Dean your most current CV to
Full Position Description given on application

Additional details:
With regards to the Role:

-          The role will be in Singapore, I mentioned Japan and Hong Kong as well, as this particular company is a large multinational and will aim to have young graduates also work in these locations if they would like, via secondment

-          However due to the company and the agreement we have with them we are unable to disclose their name until a candidate is officially going through the application process.

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