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Dear Nix (A Singaporean Son)
My name is Francis and i email to ask whether my wife and i stand a chance to emigrate to Australia. My highest qualification is only GCE O levels and i am already 54 years young. How can i emigrate and what category of emigration visa can i apply? Please advise? My wife is 53 years young and she is a nurse at the KK hospital. Bty , i am a admin staff  working in the medical records office at the Jurong medical centre.
Warmest Regards
Francis ( love to read your blog)


Hi Francis,

Thanks for your email and encouragement. Say hi to your wife for me. I had my first wisdom tooth extracted at her company and she might very well be the staff who helped arranged my records.

You know Francis, at times when I receive emails like that, I felt like I should go and get certified as a migration agent. (I might as well) so that I am able to give legal, accurate and responsible answers. Right now, be forwarned this is only some friendly advice to my best knowledge. Don't take it at face value. Do not be encouraged or discouraged by my opinions. The truth is always out there for the seekers. There are always hidden paths off the main road for the unobservant, unadventurous and uninformed. Thus keep finding out more.

You did not specify your occupation so I am not sure if you can qualify by other trades. Your academic level will make it unlikely for you to apply for Skilled Migration (Skill select). Business visa (subclass 188) only accepts migrants less than 55 years of age. If you are going for this you have to act immediately to make the deadline. The most viable option for you appears to be the Investor Retirement (subclass 405) visa. This visa is not a Permanent Resident visa and it does not lead to the eligibility of applying for one but it allows you to live and work (up to 40 hours a week) for a period of 4 years. The permit is renewable as long as you continue to fulfill the investment requirement. The investment you will be required to make has to be up to the value of AUD$750,000 in the metropolitan area or AUD$500,000 in the regional areas. You can read more about it here. [link]

I hope I helped. Good luck to you,


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