One More (And The Last) Call to Singaporean Finance Graduates

From previous "Job Opportunities for Singapore Finance Graduates[link]
Morning Nix, Myself and my team just want to say thank you! I received an email late last night form a young graduate who was directed to ICE via your blog. 
I checked out what you had put on and was absolutely amazed with what you had done. So much more than what I would have expected, you really made it into a story.


This is disappointing. Weren't we out to prove the Singaporean young is hungry and competitive? Didn't we claim that the government's strategy of taking in legions of foreigners was wrong because we were good enough? There is a job here now, based in Singapore, at the comfort of your own home with the chance of working overseas if you have the taste for it. 

And only ONE Singaporean applied.

Hey brothers and sisters, do you know I have a Malaysian friend who told me, "Too bad, I'm Malaysian." when she saw my link? Another one said, "Too bad I am not in finance or my resume is there now." I think there is a reason why Singapore is the way it is now, with all these mollycoddled strawberries for our next generation.

Ok. I was just kidding. Relac ah. The reason of a low application rate was because no one reads my blog. I have less than 200 hits, 181 by now to be precise, on that advertisement itself. So the next guy who tells me 'a lot of people read my blog' should get your head calibrated for spatial ability. To make it worse, most of my 'faithful readers' didn't even share and spread the word. Tough luck for Dean to approach me  to look for talented Singaporeans but I didn't charge him for it, so I don't think he can complain. Having said that, a hit rate of 1 application in 181 views isn't that bad. Big job sites such as Jobsdb and jobstreet probably have tens of thousands of hits per day but each job only yields tens of applications over the entire (normally a week?) advertising period. So this isn't quite a failed attempt yet. I don't really care if it works anyway, so long as I made my effort to help.

I wish the only applicant so far good luck. Good on ya, bro.

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