Hold your breath brothers and sisters, dengue will be over soon

My impression of my beautiful homeland remained locked in 17 Sept 2011. One day, I will meet young punks here who will scoff at me when I mention HDB BTO 4-room flats cost $300,000. No doubt about it. The longer I've been away, the less frequent I read and hear about Singapore, be it the right news from the right sources or whatsoever.

So these days I rely on occasional snippets from people's conversations to know what's going on back there by putting pieces together. There was a dengue outbreak, some NEA issues and today I heard people talking about a cloud of pestilence engulfing the skyline of the entire nation. That must be NEA's effort to fumigate Singapore as a serious attempt to eradicate dengue fears from the people. I have to say it was a bit of over-reaction by the NEA but credit when it is due. It isn't often we see NEA performing, other than arguing about canteen cleaning and stuff. I wondered if the Son of Punggol, who was seen picking up leaves during his Punggol-East campaign, joined in this fumigation exercise with the NEA officers.

I couldn't help but notice the anger from Facebook updates towards the NEA for failing to put up accurate PSI readings. Hmm. I wonder what Singaporeans will do if/when NEA put up outstanding PSI scores on the board, say 300 points. Singaporeans will stop breathing? Singaporeans will wear masks? Or carry on lives as normal until bad mosquitoes, or themselves, die out - whichever comes first. My brotherly advice comes from wisdom. When I got burnt by molten manganese I didn't stop to check the temperature of the hot liquid metal. I jumped out of my ass to clear it from creating further damage to my body. So should you. Screw the PSI, protect yourself as long as you feel uncomfortable enough.

May rain return the ashes of extortion back to earth to free my countrymen of their afflicted lungs.

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