A Low Cost Chicken Breast Meal

What do we have here?

1.4kg of chicken breast. Today I am going to further slice the flesh to marinate and bread them. Then I'll freeze them and use them for meals this week. After doing the deed, my cost breakdown as follow:

I managed to slice the 4 huge chicken breasts to 12 thinner slices. They cost me $12.63.

I used half a bag of bread crumbs that cost me $3.

3 small eggs around $0.60

A bit of flour, soy sauce. salt, herbs (quite negligible)

Therefore, $14.73 / 12 = $1.23 per Schnitzel. Despite what the picture shows, one piece was actually quite big, but I compressed it so that I can squeeze them into the package to freeze them. I believe 1 piece + rice is adequate for an average Singaporean stomach. Can't say the say for the fat asses but too bad for you guys. Higher cc = higher expenses, bo bian.

See top right, each slice is actually quite big
The breaded slice looks deceptively small because I compressed to squeeze. If you stretch it, it's a generous length

Therefore, despite what they claim, it is possible to have a low cost meal in Perth. Says who? 1 slice of this is $1.23. You can deep fry, lightly pan fry or cook them in an oven. A well prepared slice, chopped into smaller slices + some salad + an egg on rice cannot cost more than $2.00 in total. That does not pale in comparison to a standard chicken rice portion in Singapore in terms of price, nutrition, taste and value. 

Does it take a long time to prepare? It took me 1 hour from slicing, coating, breading and storage. During cooking day, it should take more than 15 minutes to fry them up. I think some folks have no patience for this. To me, it's alright. I get to decide how to season my chicken, what to add to my bread crumbs and exclude whatever harmful chemicals used commercially. 1 hour is a reasonable amount of time for those benefits.

Edit: Panfried these, didn't turn out too bad

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