Tinting Windows

One will question why this is being done at the end of Summer. Laziness is the only word to answer that honestly. You know how slothy we are when we chose to endure the strong rays of the west Summer sun despite having a roll of tint lying around the house. A few days ago, we finally got our asses going to figure those out.

According to the wife, 1 roll of tint cost about $80.00. She said it was enough to tint the narrow glass slats on Savvy Steve's main door as well as all the windows in the 2 north-west facing bedrooms. Why did I help Savvy Steve build a house with 2 important rooms facing the north-west? By default, Singaporeans will avoid the facing the west at any cost. Well but I'm not a normal Singaporean. I'm a pissed poor peasant with inadequate brains but just enough to tell me a house experiencing cold weather for 3/4 of the year actually require more heating than cooling overall. These bedrooms will have a healthy dose of warmth during some of the most bitter Winter days. The room temperature during Autumn and Spring nights will be perfect without the need of regulation by any electrical equipment.

The tint will serves two purpose. A dramatic increase in privacy and a noticeable difference in controlling the UV level invading the rooms on harsh Summer days. Neither is something Savvy Steve really care about but he is not going to live here, so... yeah.

tint sheet on, not yet squeegeed 
As usual, the first piece of work will usually end up not so pretty. We got the hang of it really quickly. It isn't rocket science. 

  • cut a little bigger, say 1cm excess margin on each sides
  • clean window 
  • spray soapy water generously on both the window and tint
  • apply tint on window
  • adjust tint to position (soapy water makes it very easy)
  • squeegee to remove air bubbles from top down
  • cut excess tint with a sharp penknife
  • remove the remaining air bubbles with a phone card or similar
It wasn't that bad. I must say it was the easiest thing I had to do to the house to date. There is no electrical equipment required and no water from the tap involved like most of the wet trades. I didn't even need any sophisticated equipment. Nothing that I used cost more than $5 in total. Fuck the bricklaying, tiling, paving, painting or flooring jobs. Let's tint the whole town. Let's mow all the competition down being Cheaper, better, faster, the Singapore Way.

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