The Importance of Starting a Business

Taken just 1 minute away, Winter 2016

Satki Yoda refuted the 3 flat theory in 5 minutes, citing that is only for wealthy businessmen. I do not fully agree. One does not have to be wealthy to practice the concepts of 3 flag theory. In fact, the concepts can be used to make one wealthier, regardless of your current financial status. However, I agree that we have to run a business, several if possible, to make this work.

First off. The definitions. A good post always start with definitions, so that we can be on the same page. I define the 3 flag theory as a hide-and-seek, mouse-and-cat situation to confuse governments of the countries one chooses to reside in, in the pursuit of higher freedom, tax avoidance and .... fun. A common motto of powerful 5 or 7 flaggers all over the world is: Go where you are treated best

For the record, I am a Singaporean, a holder of the red passport. Australian permanent resident. That happened because I go where I am treated best. I would have no qualms whatsoever never to leave Singapore - ever - if I am being treated the best over there. That didn't happen. So I'm here in Perth. The core foundation of the flag theory is having pledging no allegiance to any flag. This itself proves impossible to many, especially my fellow countrymen. We have been educated to be proud of and to die for the flag. I find that difficult to subscribe to. Many critics, including my own friends, will point fingers at me, citing my disloyalty to Singapore by moving to Australia "to suck white cocks." Well, they don't know me. Pledging allegiance is just a formality. If that makes them happy, so be it. If they expect me to act like I pledge, they'll have to wait..... 

Once upon a time, humans are just another species of animals in this world. The rules of survival are the same, the fittest survive. Resources are provided by nature, free for all to enjoy in abundance. Human greed creates the scarcity of resources in our minds, such that we compete, fight or even kill over them. Today, every resource has a price for a human being living in any society. While birds and animals consume water at their free will, we pay for water and prepare for a 30% price increase. The world becomes divided by imaginary boundaries that borders sovereignty. Behind each boundary, there is a specific set of rules to follow and you can expected to pledge allegiance to the government you are born into. What a joke.

Practitioners of the flag theory are not interested in some lofty new world order or changing the world. We are not interested in it. All we do is to adapt to the changes around us and make the best out of it. At the peak of a functioning flag theory in practice, we are perpetual travelers. We do not pay (as much) tax, our expenditure is kept low, we enjoy to freedom of movement and are not restricted to the obligations to a country or employer.

It is not impossible to practice the flag theory as an employee. I have heard of a few Singaporeans living in Australia working on a Singapore payroll. They are allowed to "work from home", which they have made Australia that, incidentally. Singaporean mum, M, sells her stuff (I'll get a thrashing if I mention what) whenever she returns to Singapore. Cedric has intentions to work hard in his insurance field for several months in Singapore, and stay in Australia for the rest of his time. These privileged lot are lucky. I supposed many Singaporeans will like to have a job opportunity like that. If I am one of these lucky ones, I wouldn't be living in Australia. I will be living in the most remote place possible with internet access in a "third world" country where I can live like a lark at the lowest possible cost of living. We do not need to perpetually strive for greater heights, to slit one another's throat for a higher pay or to beg for an increment. It is possible to live on very little, if we open our minds up and look beyond the mental barriers set onto us at an early age.

Jobs like the above mentioned are far and few between. Besides, the bondage to a single employer is not an ideal situation, as far as the flag theory is being concerned. Starting your own enterprise is the only reliable way to provide the flexibility we need. It doesn't have to be a true business that operates without your presence. That is the most ideal but you don't have to be Richard Branson to achieve movement freedom. Self employment can do the trick as well. Perhaps, a small operation that takes place entirely on the internet. My friends Angie and Lex can potentially be travelling photographers, going where work is. Running robot has decided to write blogs and books. A value investor? Many of my friends are selling stuff on the internet. These are some simple potential leads. 

I will not go in depth with the flag theory today. There is so much to learn about how to position ourselves, which base to choose for each purpose most favourable to your situation. Instead, the purpose of this post is to highlight the importance of starting our own enterprises. The core purpose is not to earn more than what climbing the corporate ladder. If that happens, great but it has to be fundamentally focused on providing the freedom of movement. That has to be the way to go to tackle the harder challenges in future. Although I realise this too late and may not be able to properly execute this, I will pass on whatever I learn to my children and hope it'll help them in their futures.

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