Thanks "Joanna"

When I got home, Judy told me something interesting happened to her.

"What interesting?" I asked.

She told me one of my "silent reader" named Joanna contacted her on Fartbook and pointed her to this conversation: 

It was supposed to be an employer, responding to a video that reported the possible introduction of new laws that will see foreign workers banned from getting jobs at fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, and Hungry Jack's to give Aussie teens a "fair go."

Well that's a discussion for another day. I just want to thank Joanna for looking out for Judy, who is still jobless and hopeless at the moment. Judy did her work by contacting the employer who claimed she was looking for a baker and spammed her with pictures of her pastry. She actually responded and said, "Your work looks good!" or something along that line. However she told Judy she has to check if there is a vacancy at the moment. Well let's hope Judy follows up and see what happens from here.

Even if Judy does not get a job, it highlights the important of getting her exposed to the market. We believe that cooping at home will do her little good. She has to tell as many people as possible that she needs a baking job. In all honesty, I have never thought writing about Judy will lead her anywhere but this shows that it does work sometimes. I don't want to invade her privacy this way unless it is necessary and I think it is at the moment. This few months is her last chance. By June, if she completes her course, she will not be eligible to work here anymore unless she takes up another course. I don't think her family will take that idea very well.

Thanks "Joanna" wherever you are for the tip off. It doesn't matter how it turns out but you have display the kind of spirit that I find sorely lacking among overseas Singaporeans. (My assumption that you are Singaporean may be wrong) Hopefully we'll develop a better overseas community eventually.


  1. Has Judy visited 100+ bakeries in Perth yet to show off her baked cakes and stuff?

    Has Judy parked herself in Perth's busiest motor junction with a big sign saying she is a baker looking for work, and has a selection of cakes/pastries on display for people to see and try?

    How desperate is Judy?