The Unusual Employment Opportunity

Much as I like to attend my first protest in Perth, I have to give it a miss. Tomorrow I am going to put on a fucking jacket and head north. I was tasked by someone in Singapore to do a site visit for a farm he has intention to buy.... if the conditions are right. He asked me several times to run his farm for him when he acquires it. No one has offered me a job before. Previously, I had to wear clown suits and smile like a crazed abomination to beg for one. That is something new. It felt like a scam.

I was not alone feeling this way. I told Jo, Judy, Jen and Joy about it. Don't ask me why they happen to have names starting with the same letter. Obviously, skeptical questions followed. How can you blame us, given how unusual the situation is?

Who is he?

He has no experience in agriculture.

He has not yet live in Australia, let alone worked or run a business in Australia.

How sustainable is the work he offered?

How long can he keep you employed should the business be making losses?

He cannot possibly pay you more than your current job.

Why is he so sure you have the ability to run the place for him?

What is his motive?

Is he for real?

It is true, I know nothing much of this businessman. He claimed to be pretty well to do, my senior of my Alma Mater, his missus reads my blog and told him she found a tad weird like her husband. That was about it. For all I know, he could be a troll sending me around the place for the fun of it. Oddly enough, I find myself being interested enough in his quirks to find out about stuffs for him. Perhaps it is because there are many answers I always want that can be found by doing so. In a way, he has been opening doors for me to enter zones I never ventured before. That is the answer for those who asked me why I am doing stuff without getting paid - my curiosity gets fed.

As for other matters, I'll think about it when things get really ... real. In the meantime, I am learning something interesting. Though it is my dream to own a farm one day and being employed to run one wasn't quite what I hope to happen, I can't possibly get there on my own. So who knows where this will lead me? I don't have to commit to anything at the moment. 

In the meantime, I will bring along around 60 questions for a grueling session with the farm owner and real estate agent. I'll even wear a fucking jacking if I have to. Oh wait..... I don't have a fucking jacket.

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  1. I have been meaning to tell you, I am very impressed with your command of the English language. All your articles are very well written with nary a grammatical or spelling error. Kudos! You are obviously well educated so it should be easier for you to get a job in management for an large corporation in Australia or is there something I don’t know about? Why did you start out few years ago in heavy industry?