Sister to Move?

The Singpass password reset arrived and elder sis sent me a screenshot. I used it eagerly and changed my password. Before long, I realised a Singapore mobile number is mandatory to proceed to F2P activation. When I clicked "I have no mobile number" it led me to a dead end. So.... what? Does that mean they are going to send me the token so that I can use it to activate and for future logins? It said nothing of that sort. Fucking shit user interface. Nothing surprises me. The other alternative was to inform ICA of my overseas address. I have to provide them proof of my address by sending them official documents such as power bills, as well as the usual shit, NRIC and passport copies etc. 

Over my dead body.

The ICA or Singapore government has no problem locating me if they want to. They won't even need to lift a finger. However, they will have to come and get it. I will never volunteer these information myself. I'll have to call Singpass helpdesk to find out what the heck do they want. I expect to see the token sent to my sister by the following week. Yes, I'll see to that. I do not have time to waste. I'll still need to deal with the Singapore embassy clowns later on.

I had a further chat with sis for nearly an hour. That was something, given that we never had a single conversation that last 5 minutes during my entire 30 years in Singapore. She told me she might be moving to Melbourne in a few years' time. Hmm... interesting. Apparently an Australian chap fell in love with her, didn't mind my niece and asked her to fly over to live together. I was told he was willing to marry my sis so that she would have the valid visas to stay and work in Australia permanently. Well, that was news to me.

I did not bother to do a character check, as what a member of a family should rightly do. My sister intend to delay the move for a few years so that her daughter can complete PSLE before moving. At the same time, save some money to tide themselves over like any migrant would. If all goes well, she would be closer to 50 years old than 40 by the time she land in Australia. If she is unable to do her own assessment on her safety and happiness, then that's life. Moreover, it isn't as if anyone can dissuade her of anything. So we might as well give her the blessings and help her out. I told her I could be my niece's guardian if the need arises. She can send her over to Perth and I'll watch over her until she is independent. 

I gave sis a long list of things to take note of. What she have to do from now on, how to segregate her income and savings, what visas and requirements she have to be aware of and prepare for. I told her a similar financial strategy she could use similar to what I suggested to TT (but she never took action as usual) At the moment, it feels like a 50-50% thing. I'll be surprised if it really happens in a few years' time but let's see.

If elder sis moves, I will have to think of a plan to ensure my parents are taken care of. I cannot expect 2nd sis to take on the responsibilities on her own. She has a big household to take care of too. I am not discounting the possibility of moving back to SG for short period. It happens to some of us. Sometimes we have no choice. I'll have a long chat with mum today over the hypothetical scenarios.


  1. I think there is a Aged Parent visa 804/864. It is available once you have more than 50% of the family in Australia. :)

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