Process of Buying a House in Australia

Mummy J: "Can write a post on your blog to share for potential home buyers? Is it a complicated n expensive process to buy as a PR?"

Houses are expensive in Australia and they are there is no difference in price for PR or Citizens. However most of the houses are green titled, i.e freehold. Not a fucking 99-year leasehold that vaporizes into thin air after the lease.

The process is straightforward. Follow the flowchart on the left I created. (Click to expand)


Mortgage broker

Someone who hunt for the best bank deals for you.


Basically your house hunting budget, because that is basically what the bank is willing to lend you.

Settlement Agent

You can call it conveyance agent, conveyance lawyer, or simply Lee and Lee if you are a brainwashed Singaporean. Here they are commonly known as settlement agents.


It's a buyers market at the moment in Perth, but probably not elsewhere. If you are in Perth, remember to bargain. 

You can request for things to be fixed with the price agreed for. If the owner agrees, make sure they are fixed during the handover inspection. Do not sign on anything if any faults are not fixed.

If you are not good in house inspection, get someone with a keen eye or a professional building inspector to do the work.

Do not just look through the house. Check and make sure all services are working.

Find something closer to what you want and minimise excessive renovation due to high cost and long lead time.

Avoid putting in an offer if you are unsure with the mentality of "booking" the place.

Anymore questions, feel free to ask.


  1. "However most of the houses are green titled, i.e freehold. Not a fucking 99-year leasehold that vaporize".

    I stayed in Canberra where all lands are 99-year leased : ( But at least we are assured that when the lease is up, it will get rolled over another 99 year. Not like one country where a Wong says that their property will be worth nothing.

  2. if you want to know if your OZ property got potential, go for those suburbs with good school nearby.

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