Stranded in Perth

It's coming close to 2 years since my last trip to Singapore. Within these 2 years, the baby boy came, then Savvy Steve's house kept me busy. I planned to make a visit in April. The old folks should see my interesting toddler boy, who is turning out to be a cheeky, cheerful fellow. My grandma, who is close to 90, will not be around forever. I think everyone will be delighted to interact with Little Ant. 

It turns out that the management at work is confident of our big move. So I was requested not to go anywhere in April. I'm okay. It isn't everyday you have to move an office and warehouse somewhere else. With such a tiny team, we need every man available to be around to help out. The Singapore revisit this year will be postponed to July. Fortunately, we did not procrastinate as we always do, by doing things the last minute. Else by the time we get down to things, it'll be too late. Today, we realised my passport has expired in June 2016.

I am officially stranded in Perth.

The last time I went back to Singapore, my passport was still valid for more than 1 year to go. ICA will not allow me to renew it. Yeah, you can say it is my fault for not flying back to Singapore before June 2016 to renew it. Thanks a lot but save your smart ass comments but I'm not interested in the what ifs. I just want to solve the problem now.

We need a Singpass to get either ICA or the Singapore embassy in Australia to work on my passport replacement. Some kind of F2P shit is required. Of course, I don't have it. I was told I need to login to Singpass to request for it but I failed to, despite keying in the last password I remember. So now I have to request for a password reset, which require 4 working days to be mailed to my address in Singapore. Then I have to request for the F2P shit, which will take god knows how long to arrive. Get my family to mail it to me, or a friend returning to Perth from Singapore to grab it along .... before I can apply for a passport renewal. I thought technology saves time and trouble?

The best thing I heard is, we may have to fly to Canberra (where the bloody Singapore embassy is situated) to collect a passport. We will have to justify why we cannot fly there before they will consider the 2nd option. According to peers, that will be verification of my identity and passport via a Skype conference call or something. So how do I justify why I cannot fly to Canberra? I don't have a clue. I'll just tell them this isn't fucking taking a cab from Woodlands to Lavender. The flight from Perth to Canberra is further than me flying back to Singapore. Chee bye, fucking morons, do we have to really explain? Are we Singaporeans that fucking dumb? Do we have to look so fucking dumb every single time?

Fortunately I have a few months to spare before it is too late to book a ticket to go back by the end of June. Let's see if it'll turn out well. I will be following this up closely so if I still get this fucked up, I'll have to blame the system again. Trust me, the ICA will receive an email from me every week without fail to hear about this.


  1. We got ours renewed without having to go to Canberra. They mailed our new passports back to us.

  2. Get Australian passport which last for 10 years, problem solved since you have already been residing in Australia for more than 4 years.