Time Tickling For Judy

3 months to go.

That's all the time Judy has before she says sayonara to her Australia dreams.

There is zero chance she will extend her stay by taking another course, like what many students here do. Ah.... those... they'll do anything to achieve their goals and many of them do. 

Thank you Gillian from Nothing Territory for the lead (left pic). 

  • experience with western food cooking
  • available at short notice
  • rural region (aboriginals)
  • food and accommodation provided
  • 457 sponsored available

If I were in Judy's shoes I would be gunning for it for sure. I'll cook them version of chicken chop they have never eaten in their life before and blow them away and they'll never suspect I was engineering and information system trained. I am willing to go to the depths or the heart of Australia to work in the harshest environment, with a pseudo identity, if I need to. That is how far I'll go for things in the past and how far I'll go if the need arises in the future. If one secures a job like that in rural NT (if that can be even more rural), the job is yours to keep until you don't want it. The PR, is basically a formality.

I don't expect Judy will be interested in the opportunity that Gillian shared. (but thanks so much!) I did suggest going there but it wasn't something she would consider from the start. How unfortunate though. The Nothing Territory has nothing.... but opportunities.

Meanwhile, what do we have here on hand? The lead that Joanna provided.... I hope Judy followed up. With time running short, every single opportunity should be pursued like a crazed rabid dog. Judy was also offered an opportunity where a working visa could be offered but she would have to get a franchise for a low 6 figure. She wanted to find out more to discern if it is dodgy or plausible. Even if it is legit and the cost is around $100k, it'll be difficult to find investors to help her out. Any interested investors with cash to splash can contact me. asingaporeanson@gmail.com

We'll have to push harder. 3 months is a very short time but as far as I know, if we believe hard enough and if she is willing to go a bit further than an average Singaporean will, miracles can still happen at the 11th hour. Keep the ideas, leads and information coming.... spread the word for her.

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  1. The thing is that everyone wants to live and work in the city. Few want to venture to the rural areas. Yet, there are jobs there. Cost of living in rural areas is usually lower. Higher salary + perks to attract people to stay. Of course, life is boring there. So it's a matter of how much we want to get the job.

    overseas sinkie (working in rural area)