How Good Road Traffic Makes a Difference in Your Lifestyle

Why do we sleep early in Perth?

Because we can.

Yesterday I made a casual remark about the traffic being more manageable in Perth lately. My accountant was surprised and thought he was the only one who felt that. I told him that wasn't a feeling. Along with the downturn, the economic mercenaries have fled back to the east. They had no love for Perth even the money was here so everyone is happy to see the end of one another. I, for one, am ecstatic. Seriously, I don't give a fuck about the economy. When I was in Singapore, I fervently prayed for the economic downturn that didn't come. So what if we had growth? Did I manage to find a job or get an interview in the entire 2008? Did the good economy do me any good? At least a bad economy quieten things down a bit, so I can sleep better.

Just look at this shit. Doesn't it remind you of a cholesterol laden heart with arteries waiting to burst? Or an MRI scan of the brain of a chronic migraine sufferer.

When I was working in Singapore in 2011, my work locations were half the distance of my current but I took twice the time to commute each way. That translates to 1.5 hours each day. How many of you will do with 1.5 hours more sleep a day? I certainly don't mind that. So would you rather be sleeping for another 1.5 hours or gritting your teeth in the traffic? To be honest, I wished I didn't have to drive. If my boss did not insist that driving a car was essential for my work, I wouldn't have given a fuck.

When I met my friends after work, the opening topic was often about the scumbag who nearly caused one of us to be involved in a car accident. We cranked the horn all the time on everyday basis back then while I barely do in once a year here. Obviously these petty but potentially life threatening near misses stays in the minds and affect our moods. 

Much as I would agree Singapore has one of the finest infrastructure in the world and great effort has been put in to beautify the place, I cannot call living in Singapore a lifestyle with the peace in the mind constantly distracted or disrupted by the so call "sounds of the everyday life." You can romanticise that all you want by showing video clips of that during NDP parades and call it vibrancy. To me, it sucks. Don't get yourself triggered by my comments and ask me to get out of the country. I have already done so and I am staying out. I know I'm not missed and trust me, I don't miss the "sounds of life" a bit. Not even a speck of it.

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