Get Out

When I arrived at work at 0545 hrs, I caught the sunrise while unlocking the gate to the compound. I stopped to snap a pic with the phone. I like it so I thought of putting it up to share.

I was informed an old colleague of mine is out of job and is currently doing Uber driving to occupy his time. I was slightly taken aback to hear that. Back when we were colleagues, he had the sky in his hand. The boss favoured him over me. So did other employers out there. He was the ones getting job offers "left, right and centre" and I struggled to even get a single interview. Even Australia wanted him over me. The migration agent he went to told him he was highly eligible and they were 99.9% confident in getting his Australian PR if he gave the go ahead. The same agent told me my chances were zero. Imagine how indignant I felt when he told me he wasn't too interested. 

"I won't go to Australia unless I have a job waiting for me there and it has to be at least $6,000 to $8,000 a month for me to survive in Australia."

I wished his chance could be given to me. I would have taken it with two hands and kissed his boots. He took me aside at work on two occasions to chide me for my bad working attitude at work. Ironically, I am still employed today, despite how terrible they describe the Australian economy nowadays. Perhaps I acquired better work ethics after I came here. He should be happy for me. I am counting my blessings despite not having a $6000 - $8,000 a month job here. On my side, I am feeling a little sad for him. Don't get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with driving Uber. It is a terribly hard job to do. In fact, that clearly demonstrated his steely attitude in life by doing something, compared to my staying at home mopping during my unemployed year in 2008. However, I could imagine him having more joy driving Uber in Perth. The roads are wider here, cars still give way and the traffic flows much better. It was a shame he didn't take up the PR whilst he had the chance to.

Meanwhile, TT told me how unhappy she was with changes in her company. Over the decade knowing her, her dire work conditions have only gone worse by the year. I lost count how many times I told her to look for another job before a health hazard claims her. However each time I suggested that, it would be met with a passive silence.

RR has quit his cancerous job to go freelance. I'm sure he is happier for it. He was the one among us who made job security his sacred mantra. Who would have thought he was the first to ditch it? Will he regret it? I doubt so.

Lady A will return to working in the hospital as a nurse instead of continuing her sales job with my advice, to get herself eligible for opportunities that awaits her.

Liza Nizar is still trying ways and means to get her family the Australian PR. I wonder what her friends and relative will think when she announce their impending departure one day. Deem her crazy for moving from paradise to an ailing economy? Likely so. Will they have a better life though? I have absolutely no doubt about it. I advised her to go to NT - the Nothing Territory, where things can be created as long as they have hope in their hearts. A place where her family can go fishing and sip mango juice in the evening, watching the sunset in their Wagait Beach home, away from hippies like Satki Yoda. I want to dedicate her a line from the theme song of an old Chinese drama serial in Singapore about our migrant forefathers. It goes this way “走出去就有路寻见了就有福”. My poor attempt to translate it to English goes this way, "There is a way if there is a will, blessings await if you walk that way."

Life is full of uncertainties. The wheel of fortune turns. The cheese moves. We cannot be afraid to get out. If the gate is closed, climb it. If the path is blocked, clear it. 

Get out. 

Beyond, is a path where very few threads. Do you dare to walk on?

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  1. Australian economy is hardly ailing. NSW economy grew by 4.5% last financial year. But admittedly Australia is now a two-speed economy with highly uneven growth rate across states.