Is There Life Outside Paradise?

All of you know Singaporeans are a dying breed. Don't go grand figury on me. Naturalised Singaporeans have nothing to do with this. While our birth rates have seen a negligible increase in the last couple of years, it is still way below 'replacement level.' In fact, even if you include naturalised Singaporeans into the equation, Singaporeans are going down the road of extinction.

Thank god.

I have to establish that first lest some knob tells me steep curve in overseas Singaporeans is a natural trend due to population increase. That cannot be further from the truth. I know most Singaporeans still think Singapore is heaven on earth but facts are facts. More Singaporeans have left paradise and remain out, for some strange reasons.

If you cannot figure it out, what you need to ask yourself is simply this: On what logic is there for the common Singaporean to live in the most expensive city in the world where their job opportunities are greatly reduced by fucked-in-the-arse FTAs and liberal leg widening immigration policies? Many overseas Singaporeans have opened the Pandora box, only to be cursed with a full spectrum of doubt and questions. 

Trust me, you will not want to touch that. For once you start asking the questions, your soul slowly leaks from your avatar of blissful ignorance. Why should I be chained to a spiked ball for 30 years for the illusion of owning an assembly of walls and windows in the air that cannot be pass down to my future generations? Why are so many unable to afford the payment of their prepaid rental house if they don't use funds from their CPF account to do so? How did we allow CPF policies to change to our disadvantage such that there is no logical way to optimise such a critical amount of our savings but to splash them into our shelter? Why do more have to pledge their habitat in order to fund their retirement due to a near-empty CPF account? Why do I have to fork out a six figure amount for a steel box with wheels when it costs 1/100th of that to get something that does the same job elsewhere? Why do I need to pay a toll to ease a congestion that doesn't? Why do I risk bankruptcy when a critical illness befalls me? Why is the suicide rate for youth increasing year on year? Why does it seem increasing impossible to run a family without a dual income? Why do everyone needs to send their children to tuition to fulfill education standards far beyond reason? Why do more feel a live-in maid is a critical function of a family unit? Why does it feel there are no viable alternative in choosing a voice to represent the cries of our hearts?

These questions will unlock one eventual big question. Is there life outside paradise? That is the point where dark paths appear in the shadows at places you have never noticed before. That is when the curious, foolish or the brave will begin to explore..... the possibilities of living and working elsewhere.... where the mind dares to dream.


  1. Nick, your wife is a keeper. She saw how things would get worse on this daft island and convinced you to move out (to paradise). My wife thinks Singapore is heaven on earth and even though she is overworked by a damning system that destroys entire childhoods, subjecting generations of children to slavery for the rest of their lives,

    Sometimes I wished you'd stop coming up with such posts. It's killing me softly while my dreams of escaping this slavery slowly disappears.

    1. Ignorance is bliss. I hope you find peace bro

  2. If your wife doesn't like Australia, you can always try Taiwan.

  3. At the end of the day, we need to know what we want in life. Pros and cons wherever we live. Some folks find life in western country to slow. We cook more here as eating out is expensive. Higher salary tax, means take home pay is less. Got to watch expenses. Say good bye to branded goods.

    However, others things make up for it. Cars and housing are more affordable. Less stress as there is more family/personal time. You feel more well rested. The open space and tranquility do wonders. 4 seasons are wonderful. So what do you want in life?

    Overseas sinkie

  4. I want the later. Who wants branded goods? When we die all that will be left behind. Now is the minimal era on tangible goods. We want more for the soul, for the human relationship, fo happiness....

    I'm waiting for my 189 visa to be granted. Hopefully soon. Can't wait to go.